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The Internet of Things is transforming the way enterprises manage assets and run operations. The enormous data that is harnessed is fuelling innovation in every aspect from optimization in manufacturing processes, service delivery mechanisms to creating newer business models. WebNMS' enterprise IoT Platform enables your enterprise to harness the power of IoT to connect a diverse set of assets, operations, and systems to enable data driven decisions.

WebNMS IoT Platform is a sophisticated application enablement platform that comes pre-built with functionality such as data acquisition from edge, analytics and storage, escalations and remote action triggers, visualization and reporting, device management, user management and security. With complete support for Energy Management, Remote Asset Management and Logistics and Fleet Management, the platform addresses most enterprise IoT application needs and integrates seamlessly with 3rd party enterprise applications, enabling true digital transformation.

"Kick-start your IoT journey with WebNMS and let us connect the dots to create the perfect IoT strategy required for your business."

WebNMS IoT Platform and Vertical IoT Solutions

Sense of Things

Encompasses everything from sensors to people

Data Points

Data acquisition and transfer are the key functionalities handled

Key Level of Intelligence

Local sensor based activities such as alert trigger

Data Core

Transforms data into actionable insights

Multifarious capabilities

End-to-End enterprise requirements are processed

Business Intelligence

Analytical reports to aid in intelligent decision making

Imagine. Deliver.

Integration with 3rd party application

Integration with CRM, Help Desk and other such applications makes the data traversal and utilization effective.

Connect the Dots

Layered on the top of existing enterprise infrastructure, the WebNMS IoT platform breaks down the silos and integrates the entire enterprise into a single connected frame for smarter business outcome.

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Our Offerings

WebNMS IoT platform makes the implementation of enterprise-wide connected IoT business seamless by abstracting away the complexities in data acquisition, edge intelligence, device management, security, visualization, reporting and analytics.

Vertical IoT Solutions

WebNMS offers cross-functional, end-to-end, and ready to use vertical IoT solutions that addresses specific market/customer needs and maximizes the potential of smart & connected business.

Our wide range of readily deployable applications that cater to industries like E&U, transportation, manufacturing, retail, telecom, banks, smart cities, you leverage IoT in your day-to-day operations and reap the benefits of digital transformation. Explore our ready-to-use IoT Solutions.

IoT Platform

Our full-stack IoT application enablement platform is a perfect fit for those who are looking to develop illimitable custom IoT solutions for their unique requirements and mission-critical operations.

IoT has thrown open avenues for unique and unimaginable solutions. WebNMS IoT Platform helps our system integrator partners and managed service providers to imagine and deliver tailor-made solutions for their customers. The platform accelerates time to market and maximizes profits.

Our Case Studies

Enterprise IoT Solution for energy management - WebNMS IoT

WebNMS IoT Energy Metering and Management Solution

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Internet of Things platform for enterprise fleet management - WebNMS IoT

IoT based Fleet Management solution for optimized & efficient logistics operations

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Enterprise IoT Platform - WebNMS IoT

Central automation of street lights reduces OPEX by 40% in Middle East

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Internet of Things solution for enterprises - WebNMS IoT

Increased Uptime & Reliability of Site Safety Solutions.

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Partner with WebNMS to accelerate your IoT Journey

System integration in IoT Solutions - WebNMS IoT

System Integrators / Service Providers

Leverage our IoT platform to quickly prototype, develop and deploy customer-specific IoT solutions for your clients.

IoT Distributors - WebNMS IoT

Software Resellers / Distributors

Create new IoT practices & resell our out-of-the-box vertical IoT solutions which fits your customer base. Partner with us and expand your business frontier.

IoT Distributors - WebNMS IoT

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM):

With a vision for connected future, get on-board & make your equipment smart. Become forerunners in the IoT market and stay ahead of competition with your smart device portfolio.

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