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WebNMS Product Life Cycle Policy

The end-of-life process consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that once completed, make a product obsolete. The following sections detail the WebNMS life cycle policy.

Release Type Terminology

The following are the release type terminology used for the WebNMS products:

Major Release: The major release of the product has significant new features, functionality, and APIs. The major releases are indicated by incrementing the first digit of the release version number (1.0, 2.0, etc.). WebNMS SNMP API is in its fourth major release version, Release 4.0.

Minor Release: The minor release of the product will have feature enhancements which do not introduce any migration issues. It will also include all the service packs released till date. Minor releases are done for a specific major or minor release. The minor releases are denoted by incrementing the second digit of the major release version number (1.1, 2.1, 3.1, etc.).

Service Pack Release: Service packs include only the bug fixes and minor enhancements. There will be no addition/modification of API. Service pack releases are denoted by incrementing the third digit of the major release version number (4.0.1, 4.1.1, etc.) or by suffixing the service pack number after SP (SP1, SP2, etc.). Service packs are done over major or minor releases.

Maintenance Release: Maintenance release is done as a final release for a specific major release series. Typically it is done on the last minor release and includes all the service packs released till date. For example, the last minor release in the release 2.x series is 2.2. Release 2.2.1 is done as a maintenance release by including all the service packs done over 2.2.

Release Life Cycle Stages

WebNMS has the following release life cycle stages:

  • Active Support Phase
  • Extended Support Phase
  • Minimal Support Phase
  • EOL Phase

The following table details the various available support during the different phases:

Description / Phases Active Support Phase Extended Support Phase Minimal Support Phase EOL Phase
Product Availability in website
Minor Releases
Service Pack Releases
Active Support
Development Support
Product related Clarifications
Deployment Support
Usage suggestions
Patch support

Note: Customers who are using or has deployed a product that has reached End of Life, can either upgrade or setup a special support contract with WebNMS. Customers can talk to WebNMS sales team to buy support at special prices. If a customer has a special contract with WebNMS, WebNMS will continue to provide support as per the contract (special contract supersedes the product Life Cycle Policy).

End of Life Policy

WebNMS will actively support the current released version of the product available in the web site and will announce the end of life statement, as and when required, for the other versions of the product.