WebNMS Framework Training and Consulting Services

Two-day Architecture Training

This two-day architecture training provides attendees with architectural and functional knowledge of WebNMS Framework to help to build EMS or NMS applications using the WebNMS Framework framework. This program helps in understanding the fundamental architecture, possible deployment schemes, functional details of various modules like Discovery, Visualization, FCPS, Northbound interfaces etc., and introduction to various WebNMS Framework Studio tools.

Four-day Developer Training

This is a four-day course combining the architecture-training course with hands-on lab sessions helps in gaining architectural and functional understanding of the framework and first-hand development exposure involved in developing an EMS application with WebNMS Framework. The hands-on lab sessions focus on key customization aspects of various modules to develop an EMS application using the framework. Refer this synopsis for details.

One-week Architecture Consulting

This one-week, architecture consulting course will follow a specific agenda on a need-basis where a consultant will visit on-site to consult for project specific requirements. The consultant will focus on suggesting a design approach and providing design suggestions to maximize productivity and performance of Web NMS based applications. Existing customers trying to add new features to their management application or optimize existing functionalities can benefit from the experience of the consultant in designing the solution or to fine-tune performance of the existing application. First time customers trying to develop management application over the WebNMS Framework framework can kick-start development with the help of the consultant who will help finalizing the design specifications of the management application. Refer this synopsis for details.

Two-week Prototyping Assistance

This two-week program is designed to speed up prototyping with the help of an experienced WebNMS Framework consultant who will visit on-site to work with your team to understand the requirements, train your team on WebNMS Framework architecture and provide guidance to your team to build a prototype of management application. The program is designed to suit both prospects evaluating the WebNMS Framework framework for a possible purchase and new customers who are looking to develop their management application using WebNMS Framework. Refer this synopsis for details.

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