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WebNMS Framework 5 API Specification

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WebNMS Framework 5 - API Specification

The following are the various services offered by the WebNMS Framework and each of these services can be customized / extended based on the application needs. The table below gives quick links to the javadoc specification of each service to enable developers easily locate the hook they are looking for.

WebNMS Management / Framework APIs


WebNMS Framework Complete API Specification
Provides APIs for Discovery, Topology, Map, Fault, Configuration, Performance, Provisioning, and WebNMS Jmx Agent. To model the network resources for effective management., discover and customize the visual representation of the managed resources, identify network happenings.
Facilitates configuring a variety of Network Elements, and helps you in effective performance monitoring of network.

Provides complete Server functionality and Client framework APIs.
Complete API Specification

Middleware and Management Protocol APIs

Management Protocol
Management Server A powerful middleware component, that enables communication with a variety of network elements and allows for communication with elements supporting even proprietary protocol. Management Server API
SNMP Set of java libraries implementing SNMP stack as defined in standards RFC 1155 & RFC 1157 that enable communication with SNMP agents.  By default SNMP v1, v2c and v3 stacks are supported. In addition it provides MIBs API and other high level APIs abstracting low-level communication details from user, which make developing network management applications very easy.  WebNMS SNMP API
TL1 Set of Java libraries implementing TL1 Stack defined as per the Bellcore GR-831-CORE Standard. It has useful set of APIs that support TL1Message framing , parsing etc. These APIs can be used to build management applications to operate, administer and manage NEs that support TL1 interface.  WebNMS TL1 API
CLI Set of Java libraries that enables user to build applications to manage network devices that support command line based interface (CLI) for management. WebNMS CLI API

Client Builder

Module Name
Management Components and Classes Components and classes to facilitate transaction with any device through Management Server Framework for Client Builder tools. com.adventnet.beans.chassis

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