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The following are the various sections that are covered in the product documentation. Please choose the section, based on your requirement, to learn more. Send your valuable suggestions and feedback to :

Table Of Contents

Quick Tour

This section gives you a quick overview about WebNMS Simulation Toolkit, the product experience, what is new in this version and the valuable features available with the product.

Installation Guide

This section gives you an overview of the system requirements and how to install the product. It also provides information on licensing, installing patches, the directory structure, the third-party software that are bundled with the product.

Release Notes

This section gives you the new features, known issues and limitations in the product, for the current release.

SNMP Agent Simulator Guide

The SNMP Agent Simulator is used to simulate a standalone SNMPv1, SNMPv2C and SNMPv3 manageable device/agent. This section explains in detail about the usage of the features supported in simulating a standalone SNMP agent.

TL1 Agent Simulator Guide

This section explains in detail about the features supported in creating a TL1 agent simulation.

Network Simulator Guide

The Network Simulator provides an integrated, GUI-based network designer tool to design and simulate a network with 100,000+ SNMP, TL1, TFTP, FTP, Telnet and Cisco IOS devices. This section explains in detail about the usage of the features supported in simulating a network.

Cisco IOS Simulator Guide

The Cisco IOS Simulator integrated with the Network Simulator, allows you to simulate Cisco routers and Cisco switches supporting Cisco IOS Software.

TFTP, FTP and Telnet support

This section explains the TFTP client and server protocol and FTP client protocol, implemented in Simulation Toolkit , to enable transfer of files between the manager and the agents.

Managing Agents and Network via RMI

This section explains the RMI support in SNMP Agent Simulator, TL1 Agent Simulator and Network Simulator, to manage the simulated agents via RMI, from a remote client program.

SNMP Trap Recorder

This section explains the usage of the Trap Recorder tool to record SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c traps

Network Recorder

This section explains the usage of the Network Recorder tool to record real networks.

Simulating Large Networks

This section explores the capabilities of Simulation Toolkit to simulate a large network with ease at the shortest possible time.

Performance Guide

This section gives the performance statistics of the Network Simulator.

SNMP Trap Stormer

This section explains the usage of this exclusive tool to configure and send SNMP v1/v2c traps.

SNMP Proxy Agent Simulation

This section explains the Proxy feature to simulate multiple SNMP agents with different community strings.

TL1 Gateway NE Simulation

This section explains the Gateway NE feature to simulate multiple NEs connected via a GNE and also simulate the GNE.

Migration Guide

This section is designed to aid users of WebNMS Simulation Toolkit 5.x in migrating to the latest WebNMS Simulation Toolkit 8.0 release version.

TroubleShooting Guide

This section helps you in identifying and correcting some common problems that you might encounter while working with the different tools available in the product.

Using Test and Editor Tools

This section explains the functionality of each test tool and editor tool that is bundled with this product. 


This section lets you familiarize yourself with the frequently asked questions.