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Unified IoT Platform - WebNMS IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

for Unified Business Operations

Join the global leaders with technology of the future: WebNMS IoT Platform crafted for seamless business operations. Reduce downtime, pump up revenues and improve end user experience by deploying IoT applications that are tailor made for business operations across verticals. This Internet of Things Platform is the answer to your maintenance and operational woes of heavy industries, manufacturing, enterprise and service industries.


Stay connected to all your mission critical devices. Connect assets, people, processes and systems to derive value out of operations. Take your business to the next level with comprehensive asset management.


Capture real-time data from assets and mission critical devices, 24x7. Work with precision by gaining visibility into granular level operations of your business. WebNMS IoT Platform enables seamless data acquistion, processing and analytics.


Get real - time data, right from asset performance to functioning of the connected enterprise at large. Turn data into actionable insights. Reports and timely insights help creating deeper understanding of asset utilization and operational costs involved.

What is an IoT Platform?

The internet of things is a simple mechanism of embedding sensors, chips and tags in consumer devices, heavy machines, remote assets and vehicles, that establishes an internet-enabled connection and remotely transmits data to the provider. A true end-to-end IoT Platform is a software framework that remotely connects all 'things', manages devices, collects data, allows action management, analytics and visualization and integrates with cloud services.

Unified IoT Platform for end to end business operations

Unified IoT Platform for end to end business operations - WebNMS IoT

Energy Management

Optimize energy bills.
Get meaningful insights

Monitor your electrical fixtures 24x7, get asset performance reports and optimize overall energy expense with WebNMS's Smart Energy solutions.

Remote Security

Secure your asset from anywhere.

Stay connected with your sundry assets, across geographical locations through a single console. Automate mission critical operations securely with WebNMS's Smart Site management.

Asset Tracking

Travel with your moving assets, virtually. Get alerts and reports at the palm of your hands.

Keep track of your assets on the move. Get instant alerts on deviations and anomalies. Get WebNMS IoT platform to monitor and manage your moving assets, with live data feed.

Start Your IoT Journey Now.

Smart Enterprise

Closely monitor and manage all the critical assets and processes in an establishment, 24x7. Get continuous insights into asset performance, without manual intervention. Get innovative with business operations; integrate IoT with your traditional BMS, lighting infrastructure, HVAC, back-up devices, water and gas systems, logistics and other cost consuming operations.

  • Upgraded BMS
  • Overall energy management
  • Water, gas and security management
  • HVAC management
  • Enterprise Software Integration
 IoT application platform from WebNMS IoT
Connected businesses with unified IoT Platform - WebNMS IoT

Connected business

Alleviate risks, reduce downtime and stay connected to all the geographically distributed assets with WebNMS IoT platform. Get timely alerts, excercise remote control and streamline operations for multiple business units with a single monitoring and management console.

  • Centralized visibility
  • Unified management
  • Upgraded security
  • Better co-ordination of multiple BUs
  • Cost-effective

Unified Operations

Unify business operations; derive value out of integrated business. Capitalize on the collected data from IoT monitoring systems and foster a competitive edge. Have your business boosted on margins and efficiency.

  • Cross - functional data blending
  • Cross - enterprise operations
  • Boosted efficiency
  • Enhanced margins
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Unified Operations with Internet of Things Platform - WebNMS IoT

The WebNMS advantage

  • Enterprise - ready
  • Partner's delight
  • Hardware Partners
  • Enterprise - ready

    Enterprise - ready

    Run an insightful Enterprise

    An enterprise focussed IoT Platform, WebNMS caters to a wide spectrum of industries ranging from retail, power & utilities, aviation, oil & gas to building & infrastructure and smart cities projects. The platform orchestrates enterprise applications addressed at key operational challenges: Energy, Remote asset m and asset tracking. WebNMS comes as industry's robust, agile and proficient IoT platform suited for varied verticals.

    Unify your business operations; bring BMS, logistics, energy, HVAC, warehouse, supply chain and all the other critical data under one roof.

  • Partner's delight

    Partner's delight

    WebNMS - Creating an ecosystem for SIs and developers

    Powered by WebNMS EdgeX, the Platform proves to be the most efficient multi - tasker amongst the IoT platforms. Engineered to quickly capture data from edge devices using the plug and play agent, WebNMS eliminates a huge burden off the shoulders of SIs, managing smooth SLAs.This highly customizable platform facilities quick time to deploy and market for IoT application developers and integrators.

    Step into the future of comprehensive IT management; make successful use cases with WebNMS IoT deployments.

  • Hardware Partners

    IoT hardware partners

    Compatible Edge device agent for breakthrough performance

    Fortify your IoT hardware devices (Sensors and Gateways) , while we work on the device connectivity aspect.Quickly connect and manage enterprise applications that run on legacy as well as current systems. Cut down on time to market and multiply your returns with WebNMS EdgeX - the multi-gateway compatible agent.

    Get started with our platform and delight your customers with prompt delivery and innovative applications that span a wide range of industries.