Remote Monitoring

WebNMS remote monitoring capability enables substantial data collection from hundreds and thousands of meters and leverages domain analytics to deliver actionable business insights. It monitors, detects intrusions and locate faults at remote sites from a centralized location. Changes and configuration of RTUs located across different remote sites can be centrally effected eliminating the need for manual intervention at the site. Updates and enhancements to the monitoring system can be simultaneously rolled out to all sites. Utilities/end-users can now get a vivid picture of I/O voltage and current, water flow, pressure and consumption pattern on the go. This enables quick decision making in streamlining the utility operations.

Intelligent Metering

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) takes greater control over energy cost (power/water/gas) and provides more reliable supply to end-users. Our smart metering solution helps utilities to have a track of resources being distributed and consumed. The precise meter readings are acquired, analyzed, segregated and uploaded in cloud which can be accessed from anywhere for precise energy accounting, demand forecasting and streamlining operations.

Our smart metering solution also enables end-users to get enlightened on their usage pattern and peak hour pricing. This helps the end-users to plan their consumption cost-efficiently and avoid billing discrepancies.

Predictive maintenance

Proactively monitors the condition of meters, distribution pipelines/power lines and other related equipments to predict for any abnormalities and prevent the equipment by maintenance right before imminent failure. Using our solution, Utilities can now keep their maintenance frequency as low as possible and prevent unplanned reactive maintenance which is a costly event. This approach promises cost savings as the maintenance is performed only when warranted by making use of insights from WebNMS Advanced Analytics module. Predictive maintenance capability of our metering solution also helps to

  • Reduce OPEX & improve equipment reliability
  • Minimize downtime due to catastrophic failure
  • Minimize maintenance time
  • Improve worker safety
  • Lower disruptions to normal operations
  • Reduce the chances of collateral damage to the system

Reporting & Analytics

Hourly/daily/monthly reports can be exported, isolating the good, bad and ugly devices to perform business analytics. WebNMS smart metering features an advanced reporting engine that generates KPI reports based on formulae and calculations to provide operators with actionable data. The user can now experience the power to create custom UI reports on-the-fly with simple drag and drop actions. Key reports from various site data such as power/water/gas consumption, down time , site-level & region-level critical issues, etc. Customizable reports helps in easing out the customer by providing sufficient data that is required.

Fault management

Addresses key issues such as exceeded resource consumption, losses due to breakage or theft, high water pressure etc. Also detects the quality, equipment faults, over heating of power lines and natural calamities that disrupts the utility operations. Our comprehensive system triggers timely alerts and prompts in case of abnormalities or critical issues via automated SMS or mail. Instant alerts and notifications ensure that operators and technicians are immediately aware of any incidents at the site and swift action can be effected for flawless and uninterrupted supply. Different levels of escalations based on severity of the alert can be configured in the system. Our solution precisely detects faults and segregates it as major and minor issues for planning on-time service and maintenance.

Geo-location & Mobile app

Our solution helps utilities/end-users to acquire and manage substantial data from thousands of electricity/water/gas meters all over the map at a single touch point. Pin points site-wise and region-wise infrastructure status and fault indications across various locations of a map. This enables on-time maintenance services and increases the efficiency of utility operations & planning.

With our intuitive mobile app, you can track and access essential information from anywhere across the globe. With the aid of WebNMS solution, vital parameters could be monitored and those tickets with high criticality can be resolved from anywhere, during any hour of the day. IOS & Android application with user-friendly interface enable utility operators to stay updated with metering data on the go

Architecture Diagram

What goes into the solution

The WebNMS Smart metering solution is a complete package comprising hardware, software and sensors. Right from the physical touchpoints to the user interface the solution has it covered, providing complete and efficient monitoring.


The Gateway devices facilitate communication between the sensors and the software application. The sensor data are suitably pulled by the gateway device and presented to the software application.

Sensors & Actuators

Several sensors act as touch-points with the physical world, gathering and transmitting data to the gateway device. Data creates the visibility for smarter decisions and tangible action.

Related sensors

Energy Meter
Measures energy consumption Usage tracking
Pressure sensor
Measures the liquid pressure in the pipelines Fault management
Temperature sensor
Monitors the temperature of the power lines Predictive maintenance
Leakage sensor
Detects for any leakages in the pipelines Predictive maintenance
Flow meter
Measures the water flow Usage tracking

WebNMS IoT Platform

The WebNMS IoT Platform, a proven, highly scalable, customizable IoT Platform, powers WebNMS Smart metering solution. It brings a gamut of powerful capabilities in energy management, remote asset management, environment monitoring, location tracking, alerting, intelligent dashboards, reporting and analytics.

This one-of-a-kind IoT Platform addressed the entire life cycle from data acquisition, processing and number crunching, effective visualization for decision making to predictive analytics. Mobile applications complement the WebNMS offering by making application data available on the go.Deployable on-premise or on the cloud, it assures data security in all layers from data acquisition, transmission, processing, and authorized user access.