"WEBNMS 6.0 API Docs"

Package com.adventnet.security.authorization

Interface Summary
AuthAuditAPI This is the primary interface that is responsible to log the information when authorization is performed.
AuthObserver This is the interface for getting notifications about the changes in authorization information such as addition/deletion/modifications of users,operations To listen for notifications, users should implement this interface and can register for any of the following updates.
AuthorizationAdmin This is the basic interface that has to be implemented for persistence data store.
AuthorizationEngine This is the interface which provides the framework for Authorization.
CustomViewScopeAPI This class used to provide the Custom View Scope support for framework in Web NMS.
SecuredAdminAPI This is the basic interface that has to be implemented for performing password related APIs in AuthorizationAdmin in secured way.

Class Summary
AuthorizedViewObject This class represents the AuthorizedViewName and the set of properties associated with it.
OperationObject This class represents the OperationName and its hierarchical order in the Operations Tree.
RelationalAuthAuditAPI This is the implementation for AuthAuditAPI.
RelationalAuthObject This is the class that provides the necessary APIs for performing adding/deleting etc.

Exception Summary
AuthorizationException This exception is thrown in case of any exception mainly related to security related database operation.

"WEBNMS 6.0 API Docs"

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