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What is IoT fleet management solution?

An administrative approach that allows the enterprises to organize and coordinate their fleet operations with an aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations. Our Fleet Management Solution can be used for vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, asset management, OBD data monitoring, etc.

Connecting your fleet from first mile to the last...

enterprise fleet management

Fleet industry is in a transition mode and is rapidly changing. Constantly emerging technologies and trends are reshaping the fleet industry in all aspects. Cost reduction and risk management are the primary objectives of every fleet management company. To reduce costs, improve supply-chain visibility, maintain efficiency & safety standards, and provide compliance with government regulations, enterprises are looking to telematics technology. Telematics technology promises a golden ticket for enterprises relentless quest for efficiency. The need of the hour is to have a modular, flexible, & end-to-end solution for intelligent management and control of vehicle fleet.

  • Logistics/Cargo/Courier Services

    Retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars in 2017. Logistics is definitely a cog in the wheel for retail e-commerce.

  • Cold Chain Supply

    Cold Storage Market is growing at a CAGR of 12.4% and technology is a key enabler of the growth.

  • Healthcare

    Approximately 25-30 million patients a year are treated through emergency medical services (EMS).

  • Waste Management

    With 2.12 billion tonnes of waste dumped per year, intelligent waste management is an indispensable tool for any municipality.

  • Rental/Leasing Vehicles

    In the US, ~2.10 million vehicles are engaged in the car rental market, which generates revenue worth more than $27 billion.

  • Educational Institutions

    School/college buses are always in yellow color because yellow color is 1.24 times greater eye catching for human. Safety is not an afterthought it has to be built into the design.

  • Construction/Heavy Equipment

    The US construction industry employs roughly 7.9 million people.

  • Field/Sales Service Vehicles

    Over one trillion dollars (that's nine zeros) are spent annually on sales forces.

  • Government & Utility Vehicles

    35 million times each weekday, people board public transportation.

Logistics management

Logistics/Cargo/Courier Services

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars in 2017. Logistics is definitely a cog in the wheel for retail e-commerce.

Keeping the customers informed about their deliveries and ETA's is of vital importance for any delivery services. With an increase in the demand for e-commerce deliveries, the expectation from businesses is increasing day by day. Safety of the deliverables, high response levels, and efficiency are the key to success. Our WebNMS IoT Fleet Management Solution helps the businesses to reduce operational costs, provide accurate ETA's to customers, alerts on any deviation, predict work peaks, and provides a competitive advantage. 

  • Efficient supply-chain management
  • Greater inventory visibility
  • Improved productivity
  • Optimized routes
  • Enhanced customer services
  • Augmented safety & security
Cold storage monitoring

Cold Chain Supply

As per regulations, no-one is allowed to work in a cold storage unit at a temperature between -18°C and -37°C for longer than 50 minutes at a time.

Increased focus on quality, rapidly changing market demands, maintaining the control of the product during transit, and increased competition is driving the cold chain businesses to be more flexible & efficient. Temperature-sensitive cold chain products such as fresh foods, vaccines, serums and the like require constant temperature monitoring and more innovation to ensure quality delivery. Even a small temperature variation during transportation or due to a faulty refrigeration can turn product investment into a hefty liability. Manufacturers must ensure an optimal experience to win the repeat volatile businesses and meet the customer's demands. Our solution helps the businesses to reduce losses, save costs, and enhance efficiency by tracking the real-time location of the vehicles and by allowing the drivers to monitor the temperature of the cargo.

  • Real-time temperature monitoring of goods
  • Alerts in case temperature and humidity fall below or rise above the threshold
  • Prevent theft, loss, or spoilage
  • Helps to track the status of engine & refrigerated unit each time it is turned ON or OFF
  • Helps enable compliance with the food safety standards like FSMA
Ambulance tracking


Approximately 25-30 million patients a year are treated through emergency medical services (EMS).

Fleet of emergency medical vehicles is of utmost importance to the worlds fastest growing healthcare industry. In order to provide timely curative & preventive care to the patients, keeping the emergency medical vehicles in top working condition is of extreme priority. Healthcare industry needs a smart fleet management solution which can assure the overall effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of the emergency medical vehicles. Our solution improves the overall operations by providing emergency and non-emergency medical transport teams real-time tracking of vehicles and equipments to generate accurate and regulation compliant trips.

  • Optimum dispatch and navigation
  • Optimized routes to the patient location
  • Optimized routes to the nearest hospital
  • Reduced response times in the 'Golden hour'
  • Real-time monitoring
Smart waste management

Waste Management

With 2.12 billion tonnes of waste dumped per year, intelligent waste management is an indispensable tool for any municipality.

Collection, transport, and disposal of waste is costly and time-consuming. Public scrutiny, demand, and timeliness only add to the complexity of the business. Achieving high levels of efficiency, productivity, and sustainability gives the businesses a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive environment. Management of these fleet can become so simple and easy with our solution which helps the businesses to monitor and control the fleet activity, real-time location tracking, reduced costs, and enhanced fleet performance.

  • On-time waste collection
  • Route optimization
  • Geo-fencing
  • Fuel management
  • Driver management
Passenger vehicle tracking

Rental/Leasing Vehicles

In the US, ~2.10 million vehicles are engaged in the car rental market, which generates revenue worth more than $27 billion.

With an increase in the demands of the vehicle rental and leasing market, businesses are continuously finding ways to optimize the operations and digitize the process. Fleet Management system provides the companies with unrivaled opportunity to drive efficiencies in managing their vehicle fleets. With features like driver behavior monitoring, Usage Based Insurance (UBI) or Pay-How-You-Drive (PHYD), real-time monitoring of critical engine parameters, etc., our solution will not just simplify the vehicle rental/leasing business but will also enhance the entire process.

  • Vehicle health parameters
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Accident management assistance
  • Driver Management
  • Increased road safety
School bus monitoring

Educational Institutions

School/college buses are always in yellow color because yellow color is 1.24 times greater eye catching for human. Safety is not an afterthought it has to be built into the design.

Parents are always concerned about the safety & security of their children. The journey of transporting children to and fro from school requires planning and scheduling of fleet. Two important aspects that need to be taken care of while planning & scheduling school/college buses are the student/staff safety and punctuality. Our solution has been designed to improve the safety, optimize the operations, and reduce the maintenance costs. Our solution continuously monitors school/college buses in real time, unauthorized trips, and send alerts via email & SMS on any deviation, etc. In addition, our solution also enables RFID integration to track the entry and exit of the students/staff.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Optimized vehicle utilization
  • RFID based attendance system
  • Route Management
  • Driver Management
  • Enhanced security
Construction vehicle monitoring

Construction/Heavy Equipment

The US construction industry employs roughly 7.9 million people.

Dynamic operations, multiple job sites, diverse assets, and crew on the go, the construction /mining industries operate to extremely thin margins. Asset downtime, fuel expenses, and lag time only adds to the woes of the businesses. Our solution helps the businesses to track and maintain their assets and provides insights into critical data for streamlining the operations and thus maximizing the profitability. With our solution, the businesses can be sure that each of their asset is working as hard as they are.

  • Optimized asset utilization
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Asset inventory to prevent theft
  • Driver management
  • Improved preventive maintenance
Field vehicle monitoring

Field/Sales Service Vehicles

Over one trillion dollars (that's nine zeros) are spent annually on sales forces.

Maximizing the time spend on selling and minimizing the time spent on administration tasks is vital to the businesses. Having direct access to the information can improve productivity and work efficiency. Our solution helps the businesses with extensive route planning, optimized management costs, maximize schedules and procedures, and facilitate more efficient & effective fleet operations thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Reduced downtime
  • Route optimization
  • Compare personal Vs business miles
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Driver management
Service vehicle monitoring

Government & Utility Vehicles

35 million times each weekday, people board public transportation.

Tight budgets, aging vehicles, demanding regulations, and maintaining a positive public image are some of the challenges faced by the Government. Our solution helps the government to streamline their fleet operations, manage their vehicles efficiently, reduce fleet costs without threatening the performance, enables compliance to specific standards, helps in running a greener fleet, and enhancing the safety of the assets & staff.

  • Reduced asset downtime
  • Better fuel management
  • Enhanced safety of the assets and the staff
  • Efficient fleet management
  • Preventive maintenance

A Fleet Intelligent Solution

WebNMS IoT Fleet Management Solution is a comprehensive suite that combines the whole gamut of disparate fleet management capabilities which provide greater intelligence and more features at the edge. Our sustainable fleet management solution is scalable, flexible, reliable, and can be customized to suit needs of fleet service providers, SIs, OEMs, etc. It does not only track, but in addition does vehicle management, driver management, OBD data monitoring, workload management, etc., delivering you accurate intelligence in real-time.

Fleet management software
  • Telematics and GPS Tracking

    A combination of 27 satellites transmits a signal to receivers across the globe allowing the businesses to get information about vehicles on the map in real-time. Increased fleet productivity, reduced fleet costs, trouble code tracking, system diagnostics, including vehicle location, speed and all other information is delivered at your fingertips tailored to your specific needs. Powerful insights help you to make informed decisions for your fleet.

  • Statutory Compliance

    Our solution helps enable compliance with complex laws and regulations like HOS, ELD, Tachograph regulations, FMCSA, DOT, etc.

  • Driver Management

    Driver behavior monitoring is a key part of fleet management. A Better understanding of how drivers utilize the vehicles on a day-to-day basis is an important factor. Effectively monitor driver activities, identify drivers with expired licenses, driving pattern diagnostics, driver fatigue management, etc. helps you to increase fleet efficiency and profitability. Reports on driver behavior are available as a graphical representation consolidating the driver's profile and the violations committed.

  • Fuel Management

    Effective fuel management helps you to reduce mileage and save fuel. You can monitor fleet fuel expenses and reduce costs, which gives you control over everything from preventing unauthorized purchases to fleet spending limits. Reports on fleet fuel transaction reduce administrative time and help determine fuel and driver efficiency.

  • Asset Management

    Using GPS technology, you can track the location of your mobile assets as well as generate useful reports that tell you the complete story of your fleet. Complete asset visibility, location data & history, Hours of Use (HOU), asset activation, etc. helps your business to improve productivity, reduce asset downtime, and increase profit through a significant figure.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Customized reports tailored to your fleet, delivered to you the way you want it and when you want it. Comprehensive reports like detailed activity report, asset activity report, mileage report, idle time report, location report, business trip report, etc. can be generated instantly or can be auto-generated at scheduled intervals to help you improve your fleet operations and reduce costs. 

  • Open Data Integration

    Lets you to integrate vehicle and location information into your company's operations or with any third-party Add-On applications.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    Cloud-based and equipped with enterprise-grade security and access controls. Only you can access your data whenever and wherever you need.

  • Route Optimization

    Effective fleet operations require the flexibility to adjust and respond to the day-to-day realities once vehicles leave the depot and execute on the road. Efficient route optimization helps you to decrease costs, improve service, increase productivity, and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet. Route optimization gives you the tools to maximize your fleet and asset utilization and efficiency.

  • Robust Engine Data Reporting

    Critical engine health data like engine RPM, engine light, odometer, engine hours, emissions, etc. are all reported to your inbox. Powerful insights into these data help you to schedule engine maintenance and thus reduce asset downtime.

  • Green Fleet & Ecodriving

    Using driving styles and techniques that are more fuel efficient and at the same time improve road safety helps in controlling emissions and reducing carbon footprints. It is a modern way of decreasing fuel consumption and having a more environmental-friendly driving behavior. By monitoring dangerous driving and setting up alerts for speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and idling events you can inculcate fuel-efficient driving style in your drivers which inturn will help you to reduce the impact on environment.

  • Digital Mapping

    Enables detailed visual location updates to help with monitoring all areas, from driver safety to real-time traffic customized to individual needs. Historical data on vehicle trips are available for your analysis. Personalized maps, real-time traffic updates with notifications & alerts via email or SMS, etc. helps you to monitor your fleet more efficiently.

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