WebNMS EdgeX
The DNA of your IoT

A newfangled gateway agent with plain sailing configurations & illimitable compatibility pledges every enterprise IoT solution a leading edge over competition. It acquires, analyzes, manages & processes sensor data at the wink of an eye.

Why most IOT projects don't progress beyond POC stage?

Most of the organizations work rigorously to capture the IoT market at the soonest possible. But they terribly fail to progress beyond a point due to following reasons,

  • Difficulties in acquiring the data seamlessly from sensors and pushing to cloud server
  • Integration with third party applications seems to be tedious
  • Limited compatibility to IoT-enabled devices
  • No future-proof - Agent becomes obsolete on futuristic changes
  • High usage of resources and time consuming
  • Heightened security risks

Realize the Reality

Many organizations out there claim themselves to be an IoT platform provider. This includes hardware / OEM's, connectivity providers, software developers, system integrators, IT service providers, mobile application providers, start-ups and many more. The market remains incredibly crowded, complex to navigate and hectic to get a vivid picture of who is doing what.

The louder noise and hype restraints partners & customers to have a look at the inside intelligence. Everyone has an IoT platform but a closer comparison reveals vast differences, as most of them does not have the capabilities / functionalities they actually claim.

With clear focus, WebNMS has pioneered in building enterprise-specific IoT platform. This enables partners or customers to develop & deploy IoT applications with at most ease.

WebNMS EdgeX is more than just a conventional agent

Conventional agents has the capability to only support brand-specific devices and fewer applications. Their agent becomes
drastically futile when it comes to integrating with cross-vendor or futuristic devices and third party applications. Partners and
customers are forced to spend their time, resource and money to build an agent for varying technologies.

Start Your IoT Journey Now.

WebNMS EdgeX Architecture

WebNMS EdgeX is a revolutionary IoT agent that eases IoT enabled devices & applications to seamlessly discover, acquire and process immense data smoothly and securely regardless of brand, communication, platform or operating system. WebNMS EdgeX gives customers, partners, service providers and device OEMs a secure and easy way to connect to and well manage their devices and applications from external networks or cloud-based services.

Empowering data acquisition & processing with finely-grained Attributes


  • Compatible with LINUX and WINDOWS based systems
  • Low CPU and memory consumption - Requires only 50 MB of RAM and < 50 MB of disk space

Extremely secure

  • SSL encryption
  • MAC/Serial ID authorization
  • Gateway command authentication with tokens

Remote access & management

  • Equipped with local decision making capability wherein agent by itself counteracts on abnormalities without waiting for response form server
  • Customers can remotely access and manage IoT-enabled devices and applications by providing a secure and standard method of connection

Extensive protocol support

  • Multiple protocol support (HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT etc.) over 3g, Ethernet and satellite medium
  • Supports multiple local interfaces such as USB, Wifi, RF, Zigbee, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, Digital input & output, Analog input

Robust & Reliable

  • Ingenious watchdog mechanism ensures timely notifications on device abnormalities and automatically restarts when the agent is down
  • If the connectivity to the central server is lost, the data is temporarily stored in device and reverted on restored connection

Ease to configure

  • Download, install and configure at the drop of a hat
  • Configuration downloads are done automatically once the IoT device is plugged-in to the network
  • Application configurations can be rapidly developed through Smart JSON format

Vendor neutrality

  • Limitless compatibility to multi-branded IoT enabled hardware, futuristic devices & third party applications
  • Direct integration with OSS & BSS applications