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Telcos have always relied on technology but have often take a conservative approach, valuing somewhat inefficient stability from antiquated systems over innovative improvements. This conservatism has tied telco networks to proprietary solution silos from their equipment and IT vendors.

WebNMS, a division of Zoho Corporation, is a private company and we intend to stay private. Unlike our competitors, who periodically wake up and discover gaping product holes they have to fill urgently with acquisitions, we craft software with patience and passion. We view our company as an integrated whole that is committed to deliver real depth along with breadth in our offerings.

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  • 2015
    Leading service providers select WebNMS for unified service orchestration

    The platform was selected for its unified architecture and independent support of multi-vendor switches and routers that improve by Vocus Communications, Metrofibre Networx among others.

    November 2015
    WebNMS IoT introduces Location & Vehicle management capabilities

    The industry's first open IoT platform allows enterprises to increase productivity of fixed and mobile, high-value assets while reducing OPEX. Location tracking, geo-fencing, asset routing, on-board diagnostics and more.

    August 2015
  • 2014
    WebNMS Orchestration Platform for end-to-end service management

    WebNMS takes the claim to be industry’s first orchestration platform that combined workflow automation with unified network management and service assurance for Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, SDN and NFV networks.

  • 2013
    SDN service management and support for Hadoop

    Equipped with interoperability to plug-in new vendor, protocol adapters that mapped underlying device data models and functions to higher level northbound APIs. Hadoop support at the database layer for large-scale deployments.

  • 2012
    Launches Internet of Things platform and set of enterprise applications

    Forays into machine-to-machine and internet of things space with launch of ATM Site Manager, Cell Tower Manager, Power grid monitoring and more.

  • 2011
    Launches KPI Dashboard and Reporting Engine for 4G/LTE

    With increasing voice, video and data traffic and streaming media, network operators needed service assurance data to make sense of it in real-time. The customizable, widget-based WebNMS KPI dashboard provided extraordinary network visibility to engineers and administrators.

  • 2009
    Releases version 5 of unified network management platform

    Distributed architecture of WebNMS framework along with built-in Eclipse plug-in maximized productivity in delivering scalable solutions. Additional features included, Support for JDK 1.6, Tomcat 5.5, Windows Vista, Linux ES 5.0 and My SQL 5, self monitoring capabilities, integrated map view and more.

  • 2006
    Top service providers leverage WebNMS for centralized management of networks

    WebNMS serves as a unified platform to manage heterogeneous, multi-vendor, multi-layer network infrastructure to communication service providers including Chunghwa Telecom, Salira Networks, Airvana etc.

    February 2006
  • 2004
    Powers optical transport and wireless management for leading vendors

    WebNMS platform adopted by industry leaders as carrier-grade solution, massively scalable for provisioning and management of infrastructure and applications in optical, wireless access and other domains.

    August 2004
    Modular solutions for easier integration and flexibility

    Plug-and-play capability with modular mediation, fault, configuration, performance, security and provisioning solutions based on open-standards that enabled easier integration with existing systems and faster ROI.

    February 2004
  • 2003
    Heavy Reading rates WebNMS as top private OSS EMS specialist

    The study by Heavy Reading as part of its Fall 2003 OSS market perception, was an survey of service providers and enterprises worldwide which analysed their perceptions of 160 vendors in 12 OSS product categories.

    November 2003
  • 2002
    Out-of-box provisioning and multi-protocol support

    While most of the competition was struggling to manage provisioning of Enterprise services WebNMS made advances with multi-technology, multi-vendor service provisioning based on XML templates. Industry-standard TMF 513 EMS and support for CORBA interface to OSS systems.

    May 2002
    Establishes operations in Japan, Europe

    Besides being a major player in Asia and the Pacific Rim, WebNMS strengthened its commitment to work closely with customers in Europe and Japan. Some notable customers since then includes Alcatel, Ericsson, Marconi, Nokia and Siemens.

    January 2002
  • 2001
    Customer acquisitions and strategic partnerships

    Quick-to-deploy and cost-effective management solutions that led to competitive differentiation in the telco environment. As breadth and depth of product portfolio and customers grew, WebNMS multiplied its partner channels for worldwide market reach.

    August 2001
  • 2000
    Announces WebNMS MSP Edition

    Superior technology implementation of WebNMS empowers users to develop management applications that are cross platform and massively scalable. Specifically designed and architected from the ground up to address unique management needs of the Service Providers.

    May 2000
    WebNMS gains popularity from leading OEMs, CSP, ISVs.

    WebNMS gains popularity and acceptance for network management solutions by leading OEMs, ISVs and service providers because of its open, standards and web-based 3-tier architecture and Java-based technology. Releases WebNMS SNMP API 3.0.

    March 2000
  • 1996
    WebNMS, founding product of the organization.

    AdventNet Inc, then Zoho Corporation, was born. WebNMS, the founding product of the organization, shipped OEM solutions such as protocol adapters, software agent, test and simulation toolkits.

    June, 1996

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Category - Intelligent Device Platform

Fierce Innovation Award - Telecom Edition

Category - Service Orchestration, Creation & Delivery

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Category - IT Innovation

eINDIA Awards by Government of Maharashtra

Category - Best IoT Initiative

CIO Review Company of the Month & Top 50 IoT Companies of the Year 2015

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MEF Excellence Awards - Finalist

Category - Third Network Technology Solutions

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Category - Best Supporting Industrial Internet Platform

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