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I'm a system integrator

Forge an alliance with WebNMS and deliver the ATM Site Manager solution as a part of your overall offering to the customers. Server your customers better and faster, leveraging our ready to deploy solution and technical know-how.

I'm a gateway manufacturer

Find the right match for your powerful gateways. Let's synergize to deliver a software+hardware solution that has all the customers' needs covered. Bundle our solution with your gateways and expand your horizons.

I provide ATM security solutions

Discover the next-generation RMS solution for ATMs built on IoT capabilities. White-label the WebNMS ATM Site Manager or bundle it with related solutions and deliver an all in one solution. Become an IoT Leader in the market.

I am an OEM for sensors

Explore and customize the WebNMS ATM Site Manager solution to get the best out of your devices. Get on-board and make your devices forerunners in the IoT market and explore opportunities for delivering bundled solutions.

I perform ATM maintenance services

Leverage your existing relationships and deliver more business value to your customers. With WebNMS ATM Site Manager, you can now comprehensively monitor, maintain and manage ATM sites. Form a mutually beneficial partnership with us and expand the scope of your offerings.

I'm a software reseller

Equip your organization and people with the insights, expertise and skills to market WebNMS ATM Site Manager solution. Become a major player in the market with constant support from WebNMS on tech support, marketing and training. Re-sell or white label the solution and go to market faster.