Smart ATMs to meet your
complex business challenges

The evolving landscape has created multiple roadblocks to efficient operation of ATM sites.

Key Challenges Operators Face

  • Increasing
  • Lack of site visibility
  • Security
  • Site
  • Tight

Energy Management

  • Temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature at the ATM site and accordingly the air-conditioning is auto-regulated
  • Automate control of lighting devices. Devices are turned On/Off based on the intensity of ambient lighting, preset schedule or by detecting customer presence at the site.
  • Continuous monitoring of multiple power sources to ensure maximum up-time and efficient usage
  • Monitor backup power supply and receive instant alerts of critical incidents. View parameters such as battery level, health and charging cycle stage in real time
  • Reduce Energy Bills upto 40% with WebNMS ATM Site Manager

    Minimise OPEX and Boost Profitability
  • Related Sensors

    • Ambient Light Sensor
    • AC Energy Meter
    • DC Energy Meter
    • Temperature Sensor

Remote Surveillance

  • Monitor the ATM site 24*7 with on-site surveillance cameras. Get a 360 degree view of the site via live feed or event-based snapshots
  • Monitor and maintain a record of entry and exit of customers and other personnel into the ATM vestibule
  • Door Contact sensor indicates if the door is open and raises an alert

Related Sensors

  • DVR/Snapshot Camera
  • Door Contact Sensor

Active Security

  • PIR sensors detect unauthorized movement within the ATM site and trigger alerts
  • Vibration sensors placed on ATM machines detect tampering and raise an immediate alert/alarm
  • Smoke sensors and temperature sensors detect the breakout of a fire and trigger instant local actions such as raising instant alerts, sounding a hooter at the site, triggering messages to fire department or turning on the water sprinkler system
  • A Panic Switch at the site can be operated by in case of an emergency or threat. The switch is connected to the system, automatically raising an alert to the operator and sounds the hooter

Related Sensors

Personnel Monitoring

  • Regulate and monitor access of service personnel to the ATM site
  • Attendance management of service personnel to ensure maintenance schedules are maintained
  • Record the entry and exit timings of personnel and customers

Asset Management

  • Monitor the health of passive assets in real time. View critical asset parameters on customizable dashboards
  • Alerts and notifications are triggered when deviations in asset performance are encountered. The actionable conditions can be easily configured by the operators
  • Perform predictive maintenance of assets ensuring maximum site up-time and prevent expensive breakdowns
  • Site operators instantly receive alerts when an ATM site encounters a fault, with details of device and accurate site info
  • Immediate allocation of incidents to technicians ensures the response time is shortened and SLAs are better met

Ensure upto 97% uptime