Known Issues and Limitations


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Limitations refer to the known limitations of the product. If you find any limitation with our product during your development, please feel free to write to us at We will try to meet your requirements and improve the scope of our product.


The following are some of the known issues and limitations with this product at the time of release. Please check the known issues page on the WebNMS Web site,, for any updates to this list of known issues and limitations.


Runtime Agent



      • Opaque data type is not supported in SNMP agent.

      • For MIBs having either Counter64 variables or DateAndTime variables, database support will not be provided.

      • BITS and MacAddress data types are not supported for text files or database storage.

      • Using the DateAndTime variable as an index for a table is not supported.

      • If the base table (say Table A) entry is deleted, then the corresponding derived table's (Table B) entries will be deleted. However, if the derived table (Table B) entry has an index which is used as an external index to another table (Table C), the corresponding entry (in Table C) will not be deleted when the Table A instance is deleted.

      • While performing a walk on the system group in RFC1213 MIB, where the code was generated for RFC 1213 MIB with SNMP Systemgroup option enabled, the agent will respond only with the OID values available under system group of RFC1213 MIB and not under system group of SNMPV2-MIB.

      • Delimiter for the snmptargetaddrtaglist field in the Project Settings UI under the Protocols -> SNMP -> SNMP v3 -> Target -> snmpTargetAddrTable should only be a blank space.

      • SNMPv3 is not supported in Proxy.

      • No support for the external index used in the derived table other than the index column of base table.

      • If the last attribute (or node) in the master (proxy) agent, is a tabular column, then the Get-Next request will not fetch the value of the next attribute in the sub-agent.

      • Limitations in SNMPv3 Inform

        • Not supported in TCP/IP Communication and IPv6 protocol communication

        • Not supported in Notification MIB implementation

        • For Informs, EngineId should be specified as the <Agent-IpAddress>#<PortNo.> instead of authoritative's (manager's) EngineId.

        • SNMPv3 Informs are not supported in PPC and ARM processor types

      • In case of SNMP, row deletion is not supported in case of proxy Rollback (Atomic set).

      • Support for EntryStatus datatype is not available in Multi-Protocol SNMP agents.


      • In generated code, AccessIdentifier format check is not done.

      • For Target OS as "OSE", multiple TCS, and selected node code generation is not supported.

      • While creating a TL1 Agent in Windows OS, if the Craft Interface option is enabled and agent is created and started from the Agent Compiler then, the connection cannot be established to the agent from Telnet or TCP interface.

      • ++ Operator is not supported in AID parameter block


      • In windows, TCP interface is not supported in string mode CLI agent (windows TCP server/client handles character mode execution).

      • Role-based security is not supported in Character mode CLI agent.

      • While creating a CLI Agent in Windows OS, if the Craft Interface option is enabled and agent is created and started from the Agent Compiler then, the connection cannot be established to the agent from Telnet or TCP interface.

      • In CLI Browser tool, Telnet port cannot be used to query the CLI agent.

      • Security Logging feature is not supported in Character Mode CLI Agent.

      • SSH support is available only for Linux OS and not available for rest of the Operating Systems.

      • SSH enabled CLI agent will not work if PuTTY is used as an SSH Client. For more information, refer CLI Agent FAQ.

      • Command line editing feature is supported only for the first line. Multiple line editing is not supported.


      • HTTP Agent stops responding when the HTTP browser is refreshed (by pressing F5 or Ctrl+R) continuously.

      • HTTP protocol support is not provided for Windows CE OS.


      • Counter64 is not supported in HTTP, CLI, and TL1 adapters.

      • DateandTime data type is not supported in CLI and HTTP adapters.

      • Value cannot be set for DateAndTime data type in TL1 adapter.

      • Defining a column other than the index column as external index is not supported.



MIB Browser

      • In the MIB Browser, Bar Graph will not plot multiple values at a time.

Mib Editor


When saving a MIB, the following variations have been observed:

      • Modification: While modifying a MIB in the Mib Editor, the TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONS constructs are not allowed for modification.

      • SMI version differences: Syntax list will contain the syntax corresponding to SMI version for defining scalars and Tables. In this syntax list, only the basic syntax and well-known TCs are differentiated based on the SMI version. You have to take care of SMI version for all other Imports and TCs.

      • DefaultValue: The validation is done for all basic syntax as per the format. If you use TCs , then the format of the parent's default value will be considered for validation. In case of OBJECT IDENTIFIER, only number format is accepted as default value. You can't give an identifier as a default value for object which has syntax as an OBJECT IDENTIFIER.

      • Mib Editor doesn't allow to create more than one MIBMODULE in a single MIB file. But you can load and modify the MIB files which contain more than one MIBMODULE.

      • The "OPTIONAL" status in SNMPv1 MIB becomes CURRENT when the V1 MIB is converted to a V2 MIB.

      • The Units sub-clause information required for MIBs is not supported by the MIB Editor of WebNMS AgentToolkit C Edition.

Agent Compiler

      • '%' is not allowed to be used as a delimiter for the tables while generating the code for text file storage.

CLI Browser

      • In CLI Browser, there can be only one Data Set file associated with a Command Set file at a time.

TL1 Message Builder

      • In TL1 Message Builder, the data (defined in .dat file) which is already defined for an Input Message cannot be updated, if message syntax for the associated Input message is changed in the TCS file. In such cases, data has to be deleted and reconstructed.

      • The design of TL1 Message Builder supports 'rr' field at the command code modifier level. But this feature is not available in the TL1CraftInterface.

SNMPv3 Administration Tool

      • Advance Encryption Standard (AES) is not supported in Privacy Protocol.

CLI Browser

      • In CLI browser, Remote Host check box present in the dialog box that appears on choosing Operation->Connect in the menu bar, is not editable. This occurs only when the tool kit uses JDK 1.3.1 in a Linux OS.

      • In Windows 2000 and NT, when the CLI Browser Application's help menu is invoked, the help files will not be displayed in the browser, if the Netscape Browser is already open. So, if you have any Web browser already opened while using the CLI Browser application, please close that and invoke the help menu again.

      • When closing Telnet Application using exit menu item, the Telnet Window UI and connection gets closed but the application does not exit completely.



Nucleus RTOS

      • Multithreading support is not available for all the agent types

      • Craft Interface, Serial Interface and SSH Communication support is not available in TL1 and CLI agents if the target operating system is Nucleus

Agent Conf Support

      • Only the Protocol (SNMP / CLI / TL1 and HTTP) specific configurations are supported. General configurations are not supported

      • Configuring SNMP Proxy related parameters is not supported

      • Configuring Target Operating System and compiler options is not supported

Code Merging

      • If a columnar or scalar object name is modified and code is regenerated in standalone SNMP and MPA agents, then the merge will not be proper in GET/SET methods of <table/scalar group name>instru.c file.

      • Code will not be merged, if the user code and the generated code present immediately below the user code tags are same (i.e., without any modifications/instrumentation). For example,

      • /* User code starts here */

        #define  APLICATIONTABLE_SUBID_LEN        5

        /* User code ends here */

        #define  APLICATIONTABLE_SUBID_LEN        5


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