Setting Compiler Configurations


Selecting the C/C++ Compiler tree item in the Project Settings dialog will show the compiler settings in the right frame. The information displayed is used to create Makefiles which are used to compile and link the agent source and generated source files.


Compiler Name


This provides options to choose the name of the compiler from the supported Compilers to compile the source files. The provided Compiler options will depend on the OS chosen in the Settings -> General panel of the Project Settings dialog.






Creating agent as library


By enabling this check-box option, the final agent will be created as library instead of executable. This support is available only for the Linux operating systems. If this option is enabled, the generated Makefile(s) will have commands for creating the agent as library and the library created is a static and cumulative one.

The library will be created under the "projects/<project-name>/agent/lib" directory and the default name in which the library will get created is as follows

If you want to configure the output library file name, then it can also be done by specifying the name in the "Output File Name" field.


For creating the agent as library in Windows Operating system or in any other Linux based operating systems manually, refer the Porting Guide --> Compiling C Agent --> Compiling Agent as Library section.


Output File Name

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