WebNMS Agent Tester

WebNMS Agent Tester is a software designed to test the SNMP Agents and the MIBs implemented in an agent. Manually testing an agent's implementation and its adherence to standards is time-consuming, error-prone, and labor-intensive. Agent Tester provides an environment to automate the testing process with regressive and progressive testing and to complete the work within a short period.
It applies the powerful built-in test cases over the private MIBs and provides a complete test suite customized for the agent within minutes. Apart from tests conforming to the standards, Agent Tester allows you to build your own test cases according to the behavior of the agent. It can rapidly be done using intuitive GUI. Agent Tester saves the testing effort and time dramatically.
Agent Tester empowers the agent developers and product quality assurance engineers to improve the quality of their product, and enables the end users to verify whether the product is standards-compliant, before deploying it on their network. It performs all functions of an effective testing tool, including

  • Syntax verification
  • Functionality and behavior validation
  • Compliance verification
  • Performance and stress validation


  • Tests all versions of SNMP, i.e., SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.
  • Validates in accordance with standard RFCs, SMI standards, and ASN.1 rules.
  • Validates the functionality of all the implemented MIB objects using built-in test cases.
  • Provides TCL scripting support.
  • Provides flexibility of the TCL to users.
  • Testcases can be generated. The generated testcases may be customized by the users.
  • Enables you define your own test cases to test the behavior of the SNMP agent on a series of requests from the intuitive GUI.
  • Supports IPv6 communication.
  • Tests the agent's stability through stress and performance validation.
  • Supports validation of user privileges for v3 agents in security levels, such as NoAuthNoPriv, AuthNoPriv, and AuthPriv.
  • Supports accessing of reports from remote hosts.
  • Comprehensive validation reports can be viewed from within the tool or through a Web browser.
  • Ability to package the configuration information and run the testing from any remote host in the network. Validation can also be put in regression.
  • Ability to mail the URL of the validation report.
  • Graphical representation (bar and pie charts) of validation reports.
  • Pre-defined test suites for Printer and UPS MIBs.

Customer Benefits

  • Productive environment with complete test case automation.
  • Productive environment with complete test case automation.
  • Proactive detection and isolation of problems in SNMP agent implementations.
  • Customizable test cases based on agent behavior.
  • Validation in accordance with standard RFCs, SMI standards, and ASN.1 rules.
  • Rapid testing: Validates your SNMP agent in a very few clicks.
  • Shorter learning curve: Easy to learn.