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Comp - Case Study Comp Delivers MPLS Solution to Poland schools in just 8 weeks! - WebNMS Case Study
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Broadosft - Case Study Broadsoft VoIP Management and Continuous Monitoring - WebNMS Case Study
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Marubeni Access Solutions - Case Study Marubeni Access Solutions Uses VPN Managed Service in Large-Scale Environments to Satisfy Customer Needs and Reduce Operational Costs - WebNMS Case Study
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Alcatel Lucent - Case Study Connecting the Internet: Alcatel-Lucent Open API Platform
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Genband - Case Study Genband Offers Unified OAM Management Application, GENView
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Viasat - Case Study Viasat Builds Management System for Next Gen LTE Satellite System
Viasat builds an LTE-satellite network and management system for their end customer.
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Motorola EVDO Data Call Management system named EMH – Element Manager 
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Netinsight - Case Study Leading multi-service networking equipment vendor
NetInsight developed a comprehensive network management software using WebNMS Framework.
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Airespace - Case Study Leading WLAN appliance vendor
Airespace built their management software to manage WLAN appliances.
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Telesis - Case Study Design and manufacture of Gigabit switches

Used WebNMS Framework for an umbrella management software to manage a range of Allied Telesis products.
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Airvana - Case Study Radio Access Network (RAN) infrastructure for wireless operators Airvana built the AirVista Element Management System using WebNMS Framework.
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Captus Network - Case Study Comprehensive Intrusion Prevention Solutions
The Captus IPS View Element Management System (EMS) manages, monitors, and reports on Captus IPS 4000 series elements.
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Chunghwa Telecom - Case Study Telecommunication and Information Service
The Quality Management System (QMS), a management solution, effectively manages Chunghwa Telecom’s complex network infrastructure.
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Salira - Case Study TDM and IP-based broadband services
The application facilitates integrated provisioning and element management.
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Netro - Case Study Telecommunication and Information Service
Netro Corporation built the Netro AirView Link Navigator application over WebNMS Framework
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