WebNMS TL1 API offers a set of Java libraries for development of Java and Web-based solutions for managing TL1 (Transaction Language 1) based telecommunications infrastructure. The Java based WebNMS TL1 API is a comprehensive development environment packed with TL1 protocol stack and TL1 message parser, for building network management applications.

WebNMS TL1 API Architecture

The WebNMS TL1 API consists of layers of APIs that can be used at different levels of application development based on requirements. The low-level application can be developed using the basic APIs: Low Level APIs. The Low Level API consists of 'Communication API' module that provides the interface for application development. It communicates with the underlying protocol through the 'Transport Provider' module. The TL1 messages (input, response, autonomous, and acknowledgement) are parsed and handled by the 'TL1 Parser'
and 'Message Objects' modules respectively. All the log messages are handled by the 'Logger' module and redirected to the Log files.
The High Level API provides access to the TL1 message definitions (meta data) and the actual TL1 messages present in the Command Set and Data Set files respectively.The Tree Components and Utility Classes provide the interfaces to represent the data in the GUI applications. The GUI based Management application is built using these High Level API.


Some of the significant modules in the architecture are explained in detail below.

Communication API: The Communication block forms the core of the product providing an entry for applications to setup communication mechanism, send messages to the TL1 device, and get responses. It also offers complete session management functionality that helps applications to interact simply with the data hiding the underlying communication channel and protocol complexities. The WebNMS TL1 API also allows simultaneous communication with multiple devices.
Transport Provider: The Transport block is designed to be protocol-neutral accommodating transport protocols as plug-ins. This way, the core API do not perform operations specific to any particular protocol.

TL1 Parser: The TL1 Parser block enables management applications to flexibly recognize and process different types of TL1 messages and check them for Bellcore GR-831 standard compliance. The parser then generates message objects, which can be used by applications for additional processing.

Apart from the core TL1 API libraries, WebNMS TL1 API also offers useful TL1 tools. These tools can be re-branded and bundled as part of the management application developed over WebNMS TL1 API.

TL1 Craft Interface: TL1 Craft Interface is a user-friendly GUI tool that enables craft operators to easily manage the TL1 infrastructure. It helps lab technicians and field engineers to test, monitor, administer, and provision multiple TL1 agents. This tool offers a sophisticated and productive environment and can manage TL1 devices from different equipment vendors.
TL1 Message Builder: TL1 Message Builder is a user-friendly GUI tool to build XML-based TL1 message definitions and pre-built TL1 commands. These message definitions play a crucial role in automating various TL1 operations. The TL1 message definitions / metadata are defined in a command set file and pre-built TL1 commands are defined in a data set file.

Building TL1 Management Applications: Using WebNMS TL1 API

Building management applications using WebNMS TL1 API is easier and elegant than ever before. It offers a rich set of features and enables development of high quality TL1 management application with reduced development time and time-to-market. The Java TL1 API libraries are designed to deliver high performance, scalability, robustness, and usability. WebNMS TL1 API with its smart TL1 protocol stack and TL1 message parser facilitates efficient handling of various TL1 message formats.
Using WebNMS TL1 API, our customers have successfully built OSMINE compliant EMSs that have been integrated with popular (Telcordia compliant) OSSs, such as NMA, TIRKs, etc.

For details on specific solutions refer TL1 Management Solutions page.

What Next?

To learn more about WebNMS TL1 API or to request for a trial version of the same, please send a mail to tl1-support@webnms.com.