WebNMS 5.2 Framework - Product "Maintenance Mode" Notification

July 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

This communication serves as formal notification that WebNMS Framework is initiating 'Maintenance Mode' process of the product life cycle. This is due to prevailing market conditions and the strategic direction change to exclusively focus on our IoT platform and range of solutions. There will not be any further development on the framework product range which means: no road-map, no new architectural changes, no new product features, no feature enhancements, no new 3rd party software support and no further product releases. We do not plan to support any new sales on the WebNMS Framework Product. The objective of providing this notice is to allow our customers to take appropriate planning within their product management, development and deployment lifecycles. WebNMS Version 5.2 will be the final and only product release version that will be supported and we strongly will urge our customers to migrate to this latest product version.

As the leading NMS framework product provider in the market for close to 2 decades with upwards of a 100K successful deployments by OEMs, Service Providers and Government Customers, we understand that our customers have developed and deployed the products in several critical applications and indeed continue to be in incremental development phases on top of the WebNMS Framework. We therefore completely understand the need to continue to provide quality support services to our customer base.

Although the forward product development has been halted, WebNMS Support services will continue to function as it is today although in a slightly revised capacity and will continue to receive and service inbound customer support tickets at nms-support@webnms.com including the analysis and in case of issues, the provision of work-around / interim fixes or release of patches for major or critical product issues. The adherence to any support / SLA terms for response and resolution as per existing agreements and renewals of Annual Support & Maintenance contracts in place could be revised. Please contact your account management point of contact to discuss details thereof.

This maintenance mode of Support will continue for the foreseeable future and WebNMS will review the Support statistics and customer requirements at the end of year 2020 and will take appropriate decisions in continuing to provide support for our customers OR on an as needed basis we could provide the option for self-support through the provision of source code with relevant terms and conditions applicable according to the customer specific situation.

For customers who are currently in development phase and not yet deployed, we would advise you to contact our Support team to review your high-level Deployment schedule, architecture, performance and scalability requirements etc. as well as continue to adhere to and follow the guidelines provided in the developer documentation.

As a company, we continue to maintain excellent growth within our Enterprise products business unit - ManageEngine www.manageengine.com and our SaaS product business unit - Zoho www.zoho.com . With the growth and capabilities of our WebNMS IoT specific platform and applications / solutions combined with heavy investment and strong forward R&D we strive to lead the device management market as we did within the NMS space. We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause and encourage you to contact webnms@zohocorp.com for any additional information required.

WebNMS Product Management Team