Lifecycle Service Orchestration

Across Multi-technology Network Domains

Unifying multiple networks is a very complex undertaking. Service providers tend to have huge subscriber bases, unique architectures and multi-vendor networks, not to mention very specific methodologies within operational models. Having worked with equipment vendors from across the public network landscape, including those providing Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS, legacy TDM, packet-optical, satellite, mobile, LTE wireless and more, the Symphony Orchestration Platform offers a centralized method of controlling multi-vendor, multi-layer networks.

Symphony Orchestration Platform

Optical, Satellite, Mobile & LTE

  • Unified service assurance, fulfillment & visualization
  • Customizable, modular architecture ensures scale, flex & faster deployment
  • Big Data analytics of collected performance data
  • Open APIs enable providers to control their infrastructure

SDN Network

  • REST API for dynamic service requests & activation
  • Physical underlay & logical overlay management
  • Neutral to type of SDN controller
  • Open APIs enable providers to control their infrastructure

NFV Infrastructure

  • Secure multi-tenant management and service modeling
  • VNF deployments through dynamic service chaining
  • Provisioning of network service viz firewall, NAT, DNS, DPI, ADC etc.
  • REST and other standard APIs for programmability & interoperability

Datacenter Connectivity

  • End-to-end automated, on-demand connectivity services
  • SLA assurance, QoS awareness & consistency
  • IaaS, PaaS, NaaS
  • REST APIs to issue resource usage, network details, error report etc.

Construct YANG models on-the-fly

  • Flexible service modelling
  • MEF 10.3 standard aligne
  • YANG service and device models
  • Automation of database schema to normalize service definitions
  • Easier configuration versioning and change management

Big Data, Enterprise Search & Graph DB

  • Improved analysis and scale
  • Simplified root cause analysis of complex interconnecting network and services faults.
  • Scalable, real-time performance analysis
  • Effective search of network inventory across Enterprise

Empower Your Customers

with access to Real-Time Network Performance

WebNMS Customer Portal

The On-demand Self Service portal is user-friendly and enables the customers to view their service usage and performance metrics, order new or modify existing services with ease in navigating between the reports.

  • Cloud-based web portal
  • Precise performance data about network heath
  • Insightful Graphs and real-time reports
  • Drill down view about network bandwidth

Understand your Network Better with Intuitive Visibility

With automated Symphony workflows controlling end-to-end service provisioning, network operators and customers still need real-time, high fidelity insight into service health and performance.

Integrated Symphony visualization tools enable providers to create workflow and network monitoring dashboards as well as 3D-navigation troubleshooting views.

    Custom dashboards enabling centralized view of the network for the operations staff.
    Rapid browsing through entire inventory through the containment hierarchy display.
    Consolidated view of status of the entire managed resource inventory.
    Network topology view and individual tunnel view.
    Performance trend and analysis of entire network or sub networks through real time graphical display

All-under-one at a glance

Monitor, modify and manage services from a single console. Discover accurate read
of network status and metrics in real-time and drive business speed and agility.

  • Monitor
  • Modify
  • Manage
  • WebNMS Service Orchestration

    Track everything, centrally

    Monitor your network stats in real-time and prioritize critical parameter reports through centralized dashboard and widgets.
  • WebNMS Service Orchestration

    Make changes,

    Activate and configure carrier network services with dynamic, model-driven provisioning workflow.
  • WebNMS Service Orchestration

    Be informed,
    take heed

    Manage network performance, troubleshoot defects and assure network connectivity meets SLA services.

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