WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management

Changes are Invariable. Consistency and Logic Matters.

Highly integrated, MEF-compliant CE2.0 & LSO Services.

With the roll-out of CE services by internet and communications service providers, MEF provides the fundamental blueprint to make it all work by developing architectural, service and management technical specifications and implementation agreements to be followed. Symphony CE adheres to latest MEF specifications viz. for Service activation - MEF 7.2, 10.3; Performance reporting - MEF 35 & 36; Network configuration as per MEF 38, 39 YANG Modules.

WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management

Different Services. Different Operator. Different Vendors.

Industry-first unified service orchestration across L2/L3 Ethernet and MPLS networks.

WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management
  • Symphony CE unifies end-to-end service management across multi-vendor, multi-layer Ethernet, Application and Transport networks, including L2/L3 Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, Optical & Broadband Access networks.

    With an extensive library of vendor equipment adapters and common network protocols, SNMP, TL1, CLI, CORBA, SOAP, XML, NETCONF YANG modelling, Symphony orchestrates lifecycle services across NID, aggregation and core networks and openly publishes many standard and REST APIs to improve interoperability with various OSS and BSS applications and provide a clear path to incorporating advanced technologies such as SDN, NFV and Big Data.

Scale to Suit Your Unique Needs.

Modular, Customizable Framework.

  • The scalable Symphony architecture supports distributed data collection to manage millions of devices, making it easier to accommodate growing networks.

    Improve customer experience with faster and reliable end-to-end service assurance per MEF-defined SLAs & QoS models, service fulfilment with path to full LSO, including service visualization and customer portal for on-demand services. Symphony acts as a Manager of Managers (MoM) through unified management of multiple proprietary NMSs/EMSs.

WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management

MEF Service Definitions

  • Service OAM Performance and QoS

    Symphony CE provides network managers to effectively deliver CE2.0 services with service activation and assurance data from Y.1731, RFC2544 and Y.1564 (Latency, Jitter, Frame Loss) and deliver on promised SLAs. Symphony enables Big Data capabilities, through Hadoop File Systems, that help gain accurate insights from diverse historical data.

  • Continuity Fault Management (CFM)

    Symphony CE aids in performing CFM loopback to verify validity of faults, path discovery, fault detection, fault verification an isolation, fault notification and recovery using 802.1ag and 802.3ah Ethernet link OAM. This consists of multiple methods to proactively send messages and check connectivity across networks.

  • WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management
  •   Upgrading our service management with the Symphony
    Application Suite helped us improve operational efficiency
    & service delivery to our customers with end-to-end
    service assurance. 

    Luke Mackinnon, CTO
    Vocus Communications

  •   Symphony platform lets us maintain the quality while improving our operational efficiency and agility through the consolidation of functional operational silos and cross technology management. 

    Gary Williams, Head of Pre-sales Engineeering,
    Metrofibre Networx

  •  WebNMS provides a highly functional framework that I can use to develop my custom monitoring applications. 

    Mike Bush
    Time Warner Cable

WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management