WebNMS Framework 4.7.0 Service Pack 4 is an update on WebNMS Framework 4.7.0 release. It is a cumulative pack which includes bug fixes, enhancements, and new features done over WebNMS Framework 4.7.0. This Service Pack 4 (SP 4) is available since June 18, 2010. This Service Pack is also compatible over WebNMS Framework 4.5.0 + Service Pack 1 of WebNMS Framework 4.5.0.

Pre-requisites for installation

Following documents provide more details on this service pack:

Download Service Pack 4 (SP 4) From Here

Service Pack 4
(19.2 MB)
Available since June 18, 2010

Key Notes on Service Pack 4

  1. A Consolidated PPM is made available for this Service Pack.
  2. The configuration files update (using ConfigurationUpdater.bat/sh) and the compilation of JSP files (using compileJSP.bat/sh) processes are invoked automatically by the Update Manager, making the update process much simpler.
  3. Changes done by you in the Configuration files are retained during Service Packs. The Service Pack update process ensures that it maintains the customization that have been done in the Configuration files. In case of any modification in the Configuration file by WebNMS Framework during a Service Pack, it is taken care that the changes are appended to your existing Configuration files and not overwritten.
  4. Source files bundled with the product namely JSPs, Servlets, Example (.java) files, and default implementations (.java files) are overwritten. In case you have modified any of those, then you need to merge the changes with the ones done for the Service Pack. If you want to know the exact changes done for the Service Pack, please contact us at nms-support@webnms.com.
  5. Before installing the service pack, ensure to uninstall the Studio NARs that you have installed (if any).
  6. If your application uses HTML UI, update the database with the latest entries of Tree.xml (present in <WebNMS Framework Home>/html/defaultsToNewUsers directory or <WebNMS Framework Home>/users directory>) using DBXmlTool.bat/sh present in <WebNMS Framework Home>/bin directory. This is to ensure that the enhanced pages of web client are displayed in your browser.