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Salira's Management Software Challenge

Salira needed a well-integrated and unified software suite with comprehensive Element Management System (EMS) functions as well as robust service creation and subscriber management capabilities. Such a platform offers tangible savings in carrier operation expenses since operators can visualize and manage the different constituencies of network infrastructure from a unified management station.

In addition, the management solution had to offer a rich set of open interfaces to integrate into existing carrier infrastructures. Finally, Salira had to offer its service provider customers, a scalable and proven management solution that could be developed rapidly and cost-effectively.

"We needed a proven carrier-class management platform with an open Java based architecture and a complete set of FCAPS functions, service creation and subscriber management capabilities. Out-of-the-box support for standard interfaces like TL-1, SNMP and CORBA were also vital." 

Wei Gao, CTO Salira Optical 
Network Systems

"Our customers are looking for ways to reduce the complexity associated with maintaining multiple management systems. WebNMS Framework has enabled Salira to deliver a robust set of integrated provisioning, element management and maintenance tools that have an immediate impact on a carrier profitability by reducing Op Ex."

Thomas J. Walsh, VP Global Marketing,
Sales & Customer Service, Salira Optical 
Network Systems

WebNMS Framework Offering

WebNMS Framework offers a compelling management framework and tools to empower pioneering OEMs like Salira to deliver superior management solutions.

"The open, standards-based architecture of AdventNet Web NMS, built using new high-productivity technologies, enables carrier equipment providers like Salira to deliver superior solutions quickly with small teams,"said Tony Thomas, AdventNet's CTO. "The Salira NMS team has demonstrated the ability of a small team to rapidly deliver a powerful solution for their custom requirements."

WebNMS Framework provides a full suite of management application components, including FCAPS and provisioning. These components are designed to enable scalable custom solutions to fit the needs of carrier customers.

WebNMS Framework's open standards architecture and a rich northbound support (CORBA, RMI, TFM) enable easy integration with network equipment and existing OSS systems.

Salira SAMT Access Management System

The Salira 2000 PlatformT is the first intelligent Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) access system designed for the rigorous requirements service providers face in delivering network services to businesses. The Salira 2000 Platform consists of the Salira 2500, the industry's highest density optical line terminal, and the Salira 2300, the first multi-customer, optical network unit.

The 2000 Platform, which is designed to carrier-class standards, supports both native-mode TDM services and IP-centric multi-services.

The Salira Access Management (SAM) system is an integrated system that enables remote provisioning, monitoring, troubleshooting, and network maintenance. In addition, the SAM provides the ability to control key features,such as real-time dynamic bandwidth allocation and per port SLAs. The Java-based SAM simplifies network management,and provides complete fault identification, configuration,accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) tools. The SAM also integrates with service provider OSS systems through CORBA, TL1 or SNMP interfaces.

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WebNMS's Commitment to Support Excellence

WebNMS offers a comprehensive suite of support services that enabled Salira to rapidly deploy solutions while using WebNMS's products. WebNMS combines active support from product specialists with comprehensive information in FAQs, knowledge databases and other online documentation to deliver a total customer support experience.

"AdventNet was a true partner in developing our SAMĀ 
system. They were there for us every step of the way as
we developed this exciting new access management application

Rick Li, VP Engineering,
Salira Optical Network Systems

About Zoho Corporation

Zoho Corporation is the leading provider of carrier-grade solutions used for rapid development and deployment of end-to-end network management solutions. From embedded agents to massively scalable, element and network management tools, network simulators and GUI interface builders, Zoho Corporation's software products are designed for the demanding needs of today's businesses. Zoho Corporation's unmatched customer focus and dedicated team of professionals, has enabled the company to achieve industry-leadership while delivering superior business value through innovative, open standards-based products and legendary customer service.

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About Salira

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Salira builds systems that have an immediate impact on carrier profitability by minimizing the cost and lead time associated with provisioning services, and reducing the life cycle cost of maintaining those services. Salira's systems cost-effectively deliver traditional TDM services like T1/E1, and provide new profit opportunities in IP/Ethernet-based multi-services. The company can be reached at (408) 845-5200 or via their web site at