5.21 Provisioning Framework - Introduction


The WebNMS Provisioning Framework provides a powerful framework and tools for building vendor-specific and multi-vendor provisioning applications. It meets the needs of many Telecom Equipment Vendors and other equipment providers for provisioning and configuration of their devices, in a multi-vendor network. It enables service providers and system integrators to rapidly customize provisioning capabilities and add new support for multi-vendor networks.


The two key aspects of WebNMS Provisioning Framework are:

Using the WebNMS Provisioning Framework, many different provisioning operations can be supported with minimal effort, and often by simply creating and editing XML templates. This extensible framework enables rapid development and evolution of provisioning applications.


The detailed description of the customization and extensibility features of WebNMS Provisioning Framework is discussed in the following topics.


The topics covered in this section are as follows.



Sample Provisioning templates have also been provided illustrating the usage of various template tags and their attributes.


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