5.27 Failover Service




WebNMS is a carrier-class system designed to run in mission-critical environments which require continuous and uninterrupted access to Web NMS. Generally, sudden failure of the server is quite often the reason for interruption of service. Failover mechanism provides a solution for this. 'Failover' refers to the process in which all the functions being performed by the primary server (i.e currently active-server) are automatically assumed by a redundant or standby server upon the failure or sudden termination of the primary server as a result of which uninterrupted access is ensured. Failover makes the Web NMS systems fault-resilient. The process of switching over has been designed to be highly smooth and automatic that the end user does not feel the impact of the failure of the primary server or the subsequent taking over by the standby.


What does Failover Service in Web NMS offer ?


Failover Support has been provided separately for both BE and FE servers.


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