Frequently Asked Questions
What is WebNMS Framework?
WebNMS Framework is a modular, three-tier, protocol-neutral framework written in Java that serves as a foundation for building full-fledged, feature filled web-based network and element management systems. It consists of a Server component and a Client component. The Java-based server runs as an application and connects to SNMP and other data sources of the back end, hooks on to any JDBC-compliant database for data storage, and connects these resources to web-based clients. The clients are Java applets running in web browsers as well as in HTML pages.

The WebNMS Framework performs auto discovery of network resources, trap reception and event logging, alerts, event correlation, SNMP MIB loading and browsing, data collection, and reports. It comes integrated with a web-server for connecting to browser-based clients.

The WebNMS Framework provides APIs for accessing the network database, events and alerts, maps, and reports. These APIs enable developers to build network management solutions.
What markets (or customers) doesWebNMS Framework serve?
WebNMS Framework is used to build network and element management solutions. It provides foundation on which

  • Network Equipment Vendors can build element and network management systems.
  • Telecom Carriers can build custom network management solutions.
  • ISVs, Integrators, andEnterprises can build application and network management solutions.
  • Service Providers can build Operation Support Systems (OSS).
What are the System Requirements for running WebNMS Framework server?
We recommend at least a 2.0 GHz Pentium with 1 GB RAM or Higher and a minimum disk free space of 200 MB after installation.
What is the process of licensing a copy of WebNMS Framework?
There are two types of licenses for WebNMS Framework

Trial User License

Permanent License

WebNMS Framework provides an Evaluation period of 45 days on the trial copy. The trial user license is bundled with the product and is valid for a period of 45 days from the date of installation. The evaluation copy is a fully functional version of the product. WebNMS Framework provides a Registered License after you purchase the product.
Which Java Version is suitable for using WebNMS Framework?
The minimum requirement is JRE 1.5. For the convenience of the user JRE 1.6 is bundled with WebNMS Framework (5.0).
Does WebNMS Framework support Internationalization?
Yes. WebNMS Framework supports server-side and client-side internationalization in all types of Clients - Web Client, Java Applciation Client, Applet Client,and Web Start Client.
What are the core Management services offered by WebNMS Framework?
  • Logging service
  • Scheduling service
  • Persistence service>
  • Transaction service
  • Management services for
  • Discovery
  • Maps
  • Fault Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Performance Management
  • Provisioning
  • Security service
  • Fail over service
  • Policy Service
  • Backup Service
What development platforms are supported by WebNMS Framework?
WebNMS Framework 5 includes WebNMS Framework Studio tools - with provides plugin for Eclipse IDE for developing applications on WebNMS Framework. Also provides a suite of tools for complete lifecycle support from design to deployment. Borland JBuilder can also be used.
What is the communication mechanism between the WebNMS Framework client and server?
By default, WebNMS Framework provides a common communication connection which uses either TCP or RMI for communication between the WebNMS Framework Client and FE Server. Facility is available to plug in custom protocol into the Communication Framework.
Does WebNMS Framework provide a secured communication over Internet and other TCP/IP networks?
Yes. WebNMS Framework provides secured communication between CLIENT (HTML & Java) and SERVER.
What are the different types of clients that WebNMS Framework provides?
WebNMS Framework provides three types of clients:
  • Application client - started from console
  • Browser client - started from browser. This in turn can be a
  • Java UI (Applet client)
  • Java Web Start client
What are the different Southbound Management Protocols supported by WebNMS Framework?
The Different Southbound Management Protocols supported by WebNMS Framework are
  • SNMP
  • TL1
  • CLI/Telnet
  • XML
  • Proprietory Protocols
Where are the error and output logs of WebNMS Framework stored?
By default, the error and out. put logs of WebNMS Framework are stored in stderr.txt, stdout.txt, nmsout.txt,nmserr.txt files in /logs directory.
I am unable to change the port number for connecting to the server (it is always 9090). Any suggestion?
Port number can be changed in the setEnv script available under using the parameter WEBSERVER_PORT.