Empower Users with Real-time Access to their Services.

Subscribers of Enterprise & Wholesale Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul Services.

The Symphony Self Service Portal allows your customer know the what, when and how of their service performance and usage. Communicate the quality of service received by subscribers that stands as a proof of SLAs being met.

  • Cloud-based web portal.
  • Precise performance data about network heath.
  • Insightful graphs and real-time reports.
  • Ease in navigating between reports.
  • Drill down view about network bandwidth.

In the Age of Cloud, Make Services Tangible.

Deliver On-Demand Connectivity Services.

Make customer sense the underlying telecom service and take your user experience to a new level. Given the dynamic, on-demand nature of connectivity services within large demographically distributed networks, subscriber controlling service through the portal can be granted access, be authenticated, and be authorized to make the additions, changes, and deletions.

  • Services Explorer

    Overall view of all EVC and VPN services and the health of each service. Monitor attributes like frame loss, frame delay, delay variation etc.

  • SLA Reports

    Generate reports on critical parameters viz alarms, threshold violation, jitter trend, Frame loss, and Frame delay and hourly reports.

  • Portal Administration

    View list of all customers and their service orders and manage them effectively.

  • Service Ordering

    Your customer can now request a new EVC or VPN service and modify the attributes of the existing service.

  • User Based Access

    Pre-defined access level to individual users to view only relevant information.

  • Rebranding

    Custom rebrand the self-service portal portal with your logo, links etc.

  • Customer Survey

    Streamline process feedback with specific needs and comments from customers.

  • Help Desk Integration

    Integrate customer help desk within the portal to address customer queries.

  • Cross Selling Advertisements

    Embed display and video ads in the portal to enhance cross selling.