Service Pack - JAVA SNMP API

Service Pack 7 (SP7) of WebNMS SNMP API 4 is available since February 20, 2012. This service pack is for customers who have downloaded the product* prior to this date. Customers who have downloaded the WebNMS SNMP API 4 after February 20, 2012 need not apply this service pack. The product available in the Download page is already updated with SP 7.

(*) This service pack must NOT be applied over the latest edition, as all the SP7 features are already incorporated in it.

Installing the Service Pack 

Step 1: Install the Service Pack as per the instructions given below.

  1. Download the WebNMS_SNMPAPI_4_SP_7_0.ppm file. 
  2. Start UpdateManager by running UpdateManager.bat (Windows) / (Unix) file present in the <WebNMS/SNMPAPI/bin> directory. 
  3. Select the radio button Install the patch and click Next. 
  4. Specify the patch file (ppm file) with complete path or choose the same by using the Browse option. 
  5. Click Install to install the patch. This installs the Service Pack. 

Step 2: Update the help documentation available at the Documentation page as per the instructions given below.

  1. Download the
  2. Unzip the contents of the zip file inside <WebNMS/SNMPAPI> directory. This updates the help documentation.

For details of updates and fixes provided in this Service Pack, please read the release notes in the help documentation.