MIBs API Architecture


Applications or applets can access MIB information through the MIBs API. The MIB information can be present in a text file, database, or a serialized file. The MIBs API provides methods to access MIB node information, such as syntax (the data type of the node), access type (read, write, etc.), status (obsolete, current, etc.) and others. Based on these information, the application or applet can perform the various SNMP operations.




The MIB files may import some node information from other MIB modules. In such cases, the Parser automatically loads the imported module to get the information of objects imported from that particular module.


For faster loading, the MIBs can be parsed and saved as .cmi files. The parsed MIB information can also be stored in the database or stored as serialized objects by using the API. The subsequent loading of the MIB file can be from the .cmi, database, or from serialized objects thus avoiding the parsing of the MIB file again.


In the MIBParser, standard nodes and TCs defined in RFC1902 and SNMPv2-TC are predefined. Therefore, the MIBs that import these standard nodes or TCs can be loaded without loading the imported module.

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