High-Level API Architecture


The high level API is a set of UI and non-UI Java components, which act as a standard reference base for both application developer and tool vendors. This allows building more flexible applications, applets, and components. A number of enhancements have been added as well, making the use of the high-level APIs much more productive in building applications. The components can be used in any Java Bean Builder or directly in the Java code.


The purpose of the high-level APIs is to make it easier to develop management applications using the SNMP libraries. The benefits of using the high-level APIs include:

The following are the points to be noted while using the high-level APIs.

The non-UI beans, which uses the low-level API and MIBs, form the backbone of the high-level API and the UI beans are built on top of the non-UI beans.




The following are the components available in the beans package that can be used in developing management applications or applets.

The above components are not user interface components.


The following UI beans are provided in the ui package.

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