Changes from 4.0.5 to 4.0.6



Name changed in appropriate places from "AdventNet" to "ZOHO Corp" / "WebNMS" to reflect our company's name change and to highlight the "WebNMS" brand.


Release Features 4.0.4 to 4.0.5



Bug Fixes


High Level API

    1. Fix provided so that the graph does not tend to '0' when 'ShowPolledValues' in LineGraph is selected.

    2. Fix provided so that the tooltip in the LineGraph will show the current value when 'Show Absolute Counters' is selected.

    3. Fix provided so that the LineGraph does not go over the scale.

    4. Fix provided so that the invalid port error message that appear in the error dialog is localized.

    5. The "X-axis Scale" text field is disabled at the starup of Line Graph.

    6. The value box will not be shown when the cursor is moved out of LineGraph.

    7. Fixed the problem in invoking the line graph from SnmpTable of MibBrowser applet.

    8. Fixed the problem in invoking the bar graph from SnmpTable of MibBrowser applet.

    9. Fixed the issue in incrementing the EngineTime in sync with the agent.

    10. Fix provided so that the 'Too big error' is¬ set properly in the errorcode, on performing a snmp operation in high level api.

    11. Fix provided so that the Target.setTimeout() is set properly.

    12. Fix provided so that the error probagation of "tooBigPDU" message is send to console using SnmpPoller class.

    13. Fix provided to avoid the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when used the 'snmpGetVariableBindings()' method in the SnmpTarget class.

    14. Fix provided to¬ avoid the NullPointerException when used the 'checkSetValue' method¬ in the SnmpTarget class.

    15. Fix provided to avoid overlapping of lines in single line when different instances of an OID contains the same value.

    16. Fix provided to plot the line within the graph.

    17. Fix provided to include RemoteHost and RemotePort for reports in debugPrint.

    18. Fix provided so that¬ snmpv3 discovery with database is processed successfully when used SnmpRequestServer.

    19. Fix provided to handle empty varbind errorcode when snmpgetbulk response is received for a request with max-repetitions=0 while using snmpGetBulkVariableBindings() method.

    20. Fix provided so that SnmpTable.start() does not throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if the index of the tableOID set is of type DISPLAY STRING of length >= 15 characters.

    21. Fix provided so that the methods snmpSendNotification(), snmpSendTrap, snmpSendInformRequest() and snmpSendInformAcknowledgement() does not throw NullPointerException or ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if the argument values[] is null or empty array respectively when logging is enabled.

    22. In customizing available in the <MibBrowser> directory, if a new MibOperations object is set to the MibBrowser object, the option "UnLoad All MIBs" in the MibBrowser UI doesn't work. This has been fixed.

Low Level API

    1. Fix provided so that the the report message is sent to the command generator if the SnmpPDU is received with wrong AuthPassword or rivPassword in AuthPriv security level.

    2. Fix provided so that the timeout and retries values are set in snmpv3 Discovery packet.

    3. Fix provided so that the LOCALTIME column attribute of USMTABLE is changed to USMLOCALTIME in SnmpDatabaseSchema.config as the LOCALTIME is MySQL keyword for higher version of MySQL database.

    4. When getData() of SnmpPDU is called in snmpv3, authParams field is filled as 12 zero octets even if the PDU contains valid value. This issue has been fixed.

    5. Fix provided so that the 'SNMP ASN1Error encountered due to IllegalSNMP packet received' error is not thrown if the received SNMPV3 PDU data size is greater than 65535 bytes.

    6. Fix provided to convert inetAddress to hex instead of ASCII.

    7. Fix provided so that the 'Unsupported Security Level' report PDU is not sent to the manager when changed the security level from AuthNopriv to AuthPriv.

    8. Handled Mac address datatype.

    9. Fix provided to send proper error message if setAttemptComplete(true) is set and called the snmpGetBulkVariableBindings with single oid.

    10. Fix provided to not to throw the NullPointerException while creating client id and adding id to logmanager in multithreading environment.

    11. Fix provided to not to throw the NullPointerException while creating the user defined ProtocolProvider and set the options using TcpProtocolOptionsImpl class.

    12. Fix provided so that the GetNotificationType() method of MibOperations class does not return a wrong NotificationType if the given searching oid doesn't match any notifications defined in that module.

    13. Fix provided to not to throw noSuchElementException while accessing the request id of all requests in multithreading environment.

    14. Fix provided to avoid NegativeArraySizeException & ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if invalid SNMP PDU is received.

    15. Fix provided so that 'excluded filter type' works properly in SnmpNotifyFilterTable.

    16. As per the RFC standard the security level in VACM has to 1, 2,,3 for no_auth_no_priv, auth_no_priv and auth_priv users respectively, but we had it as 0,1,3. this issue has been fixed.

    17. Fix provided so that the 'Excluded family type' is works properly in VacmView.

    18. Fix provided to increment the counter snmpInASNParseErrs. If the Command type of the request PDU is incorrect, inorder to increment and process this in the agent end. snmpInASNParseErrs variable in made as public.

    19. Fix provided so that the SnmpPDU.copy() method copies the varbinds properly.

    20. Rediscovery initiated if EngineID in the EngineTable is empty.


    1. Fix for loading the mib where the root mib and its imported mibs are from space seperated directory from MibBrowserUI.

    2. Even if setMibPath() method is called with the search directory, our code searches for the mib files in current directory also, this is avoided. And also , If we couldn't find DEFINITIONS clause in a file within first 300 lines, then we could assume that it's not a MIB file and ignore that file. This is to avoid OutOfMemoryError occuring while we try to search for the DEFINITIONS clause in non MIB file(ex. Video file or large file).

    3. MibOperations.getLeafSyntax(SnmpOID) throws NullPointerException when logging is enabled. This has been fixed.

    4. The method getModuleNameDefinition(String) of MibOperations class does not search for the MIB module name in the path set using the method setMibPath(String). This has been fixed.


  1. As per RFC3414, the proper usmstats namely 'usmStatsUnsupportedSecLevels','usmStatsNotInTimeWindows','usmStatsUnknownUserNames','usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs','usmStatsWrongDigests' & 'usmStatsDecryptionErrors' will be reported.

  2. New methods setMenuStatus(boolean) and getMenuStatus() are added in SnmpTablePanel class to enable and disable the 'Right Click' menu of SnmpTablePanel.

  3. Include the InnoDB engine Type in table in the mysql database.

  4. New method isError() included in the ResultEvent class. If the request failure due to error or v2 exception is notified in the ResultEvent using isError() method.New Constructor is added with Session and MibOperations arguments in SnmpRequestServer class.

  5. New Constructor is added with Session and MibOperations arguments in SnmpRequestServer class.

  6. CFB-AES-192 , CFB-AES -256 and CBC_3DES support is added in high level api.

  7. Added a new method resetMibPath() in MibOperations class to reset the search path set previously in which the Mib Parser will search for the MIB Modules.

  8. Added a new method password_to_key(int, byte[], int, byte[], int), with privacy protocol as an arguement, to generate localized key.

  9. JDK 1.6 support is added

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