WebNMS has announced Product Life Cycle Plan for WebNMS Simulation Toolkit based on WebNMS Product Life cycle policy. With the release of Simulation Tookit 8, the previous version 7.0 is moved to extended support phase. And 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0 will not be available for purchase or active support. WebNMS will strive to ensure a smooth transition for the existing customers from 5.0, 5.1, 6.0 and 7.0 versions to the latest version, WebNMS Simulation Toolkit 8 by means of the Product Life Cycle Plan described below. Please feel free to mail to simulator-support@webnms.com for any clarifications.

Product Life Cycle Plan

WebNMS will actively support the current released version of the product available in the Web site and will announce the Product Life Cycle statement, as and when required, for the other versions of the product. 

Product Life Cycle Road Map

Based on the above guidelines, the product life cycle stages of the various WebNMS Simulation Toolkit releases are as shown below: 

Release Version Support Phase EOL Date
Active Extended Minimal
5.0 - - - Dec.10, 2010
5.1 - - - Dec.10, 2010
6.0 - - - Jan.31, 2011
7.0 - tick - Jan.31, 2014
8.0 tick - - -
Note1: The current release - WebNMS Simulation Toolkit Release 8 is available in the Web site. It is in the active support phase. 
Note 2: WebNMS Simulation Toolkit product Releases 6.0 and below are EOLed. Customers who are using Simulation Toolkit using pre-7 releases and who are in need of support are requested to contact our sales team.