Testing the TL1 Agent





TL1CraftInterface is a manager-side graphical interface tool that can be used to test the real-time TL1 agents or any TL1 simulated environments. This section explains the steps involved in testing the TL1 Agent and the functionality available in the graphical interface and the ways to interact with the TL1 agents.


The TL1CraftInterface tool can be used to query a TL1 device and get responses. You can also load any TL1 message definitions conforming to the GR-831 standards created using the TL1 Message Builder for faster access. This allows the user to view and operate on available data through a TL1 agent on a managed device, thereby managing the device.


Testing the Agent Using TL1CraftInterface


Follow the steps given below to test the TL1 Agent created as per the previous chapter. It is assumed that the simulated TL1 agent is created and running on port 9099.

Autonomous Message Received From :localhost


<LF><LF> latha 2003-08-11 12:22:25<CR>


<LF> "latha:NO"<CR>

<LF> /*NOTICE:This is a private computer system. <LF> Unauthorized access or

use may lead to prosecution*/<CR>


Message sent : RTRV-EQPT:::7:::;

   AdvTL1Sim 2003-09-25 16:49:29




This means that your simple TL1 Agent works!


Refer to the topic Using Test & Editor Tools -> TL1 Craft Interface, to learn more.

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