Starting and Stopping the Agent





In the topic, Simulating Default Values, you have learnt that the agent is simulated with default values as soon as you load the TCS file(s) for all the command code and the Autonomous code defined in the TCS file. Any variation on this basic simulation is created in the TL1 Agent Simulator by Configuring Values.


When you have finished configuring the agent with the required values, behavior scripts and autonomous messages, you can test the simulated agent for the required behavior, after starting the agent.  The agent can be started at the specified port from the TL1 Agent Simulator or from Command line.


Starting the Agent


From UI


To start the simulated TL1 agent from the UI, do the following :

  1. Click on the start icon or choose Operations --> Start from the menu bar.

  2. You will get a message in the text area "Agent started running at port 9099". The port number might vary based on the port number you specify in the Settings -> Agent Settings dialog.

Note: For evaluation copy, the agent will respond only for the first five Command codes in the tree.



From Command Line


To start the simulated agent form command Line, refer to the topic Starting the TL1 Agent from Command Line.



Stopping the Agent


To stop the simulated agent do the following :

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