Re-simulating Values





The TL1 Agent simulator provides the option to re-simulate values, if new Command Code(s) and Autonomous codes are added to the TCS file or if existing Command codes and Autonomous codes are deleted, without modifying the existing configuration.  


To re-simulate values, the existing configuration file must be loaded in the TL1 Agent Simulator only after making the necessary modification in the TCS file.


Enabling the Option


To re-simulate values, follow the steps given below .

Note : The option to Re-simulate values is not supported for TL1 devices in Network Designer.





You have configured large number of data to the command codes and autonomous codes defined in the Acme-MSU TCS file. The configuration is saved as sample.prp in ./tl1agents/sample directory.  


Now, you have added a new Command Code to this TCS file available in ./tl1agents/sample directory and you want to simulate this command code alone and add it to the existing configuration file.


You can do this by loading the sample.prp file in the TL1 Agent Simulator and selecting the option Operations -> Resimulate. The values of the newly added command codes will be added to the existing configuration.

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