Getting Started



Starting TL1 Agent Simulator


The TL1 Agent Simulator can be started in the following ways :

The TL1 Agent Simulator will store the simulated data in PostgreSQL database. The PostgreSQL database is bundled with the product and is part of the package. Refer to PostgreSQL for more information.  The following details have to be provided for the database settings dialog :

  1. User Name



    (No password is configured. Leave the field blank)

    Server Name


    Server Port


    PostgreSQL Home

    C:\products\SimulationToolkit\WebNMS\SimulationToolkit\pgsql\bin shows the PostgreSQL bin in the product directory.

In Linux OS, it is not necessary to specify the PostgreSQL Home path.


User Interface


A general introduction on the UI of the TL1 Agent Simulator will help you to get familiar with the tool.




The TL1 Agent Simulator UI, consists of two panels : The left panel consist of the TL1 Message tree, where the TCS file or the Configuration file is loaded and unloaded. The right-side panel displays the parameters that can be configured for the selected command.


Selecting the Autonomous code in the TCS file will display the parameters that can be configured for an Autonomous message, as shown in the screen-shot below :



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