Porting Your Network




The Network Designer allows you to package the network that you have created with the desired configurations and install it in any other system having Simulation Toolkit. For example, you have created the network in Linux system with all the desired configuration. This network and its configuration can be packaged and sent across for demo or trade shows or kept as a backup.


You can also package the required devices added to the device tree and install it in any other system having Simulation Toolkit. In this topic, you will learn about the options available in Network Designer to package and install your network and devices.


Packaging Your Network


To package your network

Note: Network details can be viewed before loading any network by selecting the network and click the NetworkInfo button in the Package Network window.

Packaging the Devices in the Device Tree


To package your devices in the device tree,

Installing the Network/Devices


You can install the network or the devices that you packaged, in another system having this product installed.

If you had chosen the Install Package option, it will install the network /devices. The installed devices will be displayed in the device tree under the packaged/specified group.


If you had chosen Install and Load Package, the network(s) will be installed and loaded in the Network Design Tool.  



  1. If you are going to install the packaged devices then (i.e. before invoking the Install Dialog), select the device group in the device library under which you would like to install the packaged devices.

  2. If the device group is not selected, then it will be installed under the packaged group. If the packaged group/s is not available, then it will be created and the devices will be installed under it.


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