WebNMS Simulation Toolkit 9.2

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WebNMS Simulation Toolkit 9.2 offers a new architecture that enables creation of large networks in seconds and offers enhanced network performance even in large networks. In addition, it offers new utilities and numerous enhancements over the earlier versions. This section provides a brief description of the key features added to the various modules of Simulation Toolkit 9.2.

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Network Simulator

  • Support for 64-bit Linux and Windows.
  • SysLog support:
    • Request Based Parameters
    • Threshold Based Parameters 
    • Timer Based Parameters 
  • Additional APIs for SNMP agents to use through Jython Scripts.
  • Instance value of varbind is allowed to modify
  • Buffering the whole network is included so that the performance will be high from the first cycle of discovery itself.
  • User can use different interface (from default eth0) to simulate the agents.
Note : Please mail to simulator-support@webnms.com for the Support