Simulation for Cisco IOS

Features Supported

  • Telnet in to routers and switches from local or remote machines and interact with the devices, just like real devices.
  • Multiple users can connect at a time. The devices fully supports SNMPv1, v2, v3; TFTP and Cisco IOS software.
  • Login and Logout of the Cisco devices.
  • IPv4 or IPv6 Address can be assigned to the devices.
  • Get into and out of different modes - User, Privileged, Configuration, Interface configuration, Router and Vlan modes.
  • Save/Load a configuration of the devices/network.
  • Script Editor to view and edit IOS command behavior scripts.
  • Command customization with extensive script APIs.
  • Command Configurator to define new IOS commands.

IOS Commands Implemented

  • Set passwords, IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, clock rates, hostname etc.
  • Enable/disable cdp service, configure cdp holdtime and timer.
  • Display cdp and flash information.
  • Configure access-list, display access-list configurations.
  • Configure rmon alarms and events, remove alarms/events and display active alarms and events.
  • Enable/disable SNMP trap service, configure recipients of the SNMP notification operation.
  • Configure SNMP community, contact, location, packetsize etc.
  • Specify the MTU value for the network interface node
  • Enable RIP (Routing Information Protocol), configure RIP for a specific router.
  • Configure vlan for a specific router.
  • Enable BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) , configure BGP for a specific router.
  • Enable OSPF(Open Shortest Path First) protocol, configure OSPF for a specific router.
  • Enable EIGRP protocol, configure EIGRP for a specific router.
  • Display startup and running configurations.
  • Ping devices. Refer Detailed List of Commands

Device Library

Simulation toolkit bundles the following pre-configured devices supporting Cisco IOS.

  • Router devices: Cisco 3600, Cisco 7600, Cisco1700, Cisco12000
  • Switch : Cisco 3750, Cisco2950Switch, Cisco6500Switch
  • Cisco PIX Firewall

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