WebNMS Showcases Automation of Operations for Service Providers at MEF GEN14
Novemeber 17, 2014

Solutions Deliver Prerequisites for On-Demand Services

  • Proof of Concept with partners highlights company’s commitment to increased service orchestration, visibility and control in a dynamic, end-to-end service ecosystem
  • Company director speaks on automation and NFV panel
  • New customer portal as a mobile app introduced

WASHINGTON and PLEASANTON, Calif. — November 17, 2014 : WebNMS, the leading provider of multi-vendor network management and IoT solutions, today announced that it will showcase its innovation in network service automation at MEF GEN14. The event, being held at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington, D.C., has gathered industry thought leaders and decision makers from across the provider community, many of whom see orchestration as critical to their profitability.

At MEF GEN14, WebNMS is highlighting automation solutions for MEF-defined Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services. The WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Solution enhances key network and service management capabilities required for dynamic services. The WebNMS solutions support a wide variety of use cases, but at the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) conference, WebNMS is focusing on critical new capabilities enabling automation of MEF-defined services, use cases and best practice workflows across multi-vendor, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 networks. These new capabilities within the WebNMS Carrier Ethernet solution are prerequisites for provider orchestration of many existing, well-defined services and future services based on SDN and NFV.

“WebNMS is excited to take advantage of the opportunity MEF GEN14 offers to showcase the innovations we are developing to support on-demand network services,” said Prabhu Ramachandran, director of WebNMS. “Service providers are looking to automate their operations through orchestration, not just for SDN, but for today’s bread and butter services like Carrier Ethernet. At MEF GEN14, WebNMS is showcasing orchestrated Carrier Ethernet services with new solutions that give operators and their customers dramatically increased service visibility and control.”


A MEF GEN14 silver sponsor, WebNMS is exhibiting its entire product portfolio, including MEF, MPLS, SDN and NFV solutions. Key activities include:

  • At the MEF GEN14 Proof of Concept Showcase, WebNMS has a live, multi-vendor CE 2.0 network, built through close collaboration with industry partners Omnitron Systems, a leading provider of connectivity products, and VeEX, a global leader in telecom and CATV test solutions. On this network, WebNMS orchestrates the fulfillment of dynamic requests for assured services through a customer portal with automated end-to-end service provisioning and remote automated service activation and testing. This automated workflow highlights a practical solution for reducing truck rolls and other provider OPEX costs.
  • At booth 403, WebNMS is exhibiting its complete set of products, including the new Symphony Orchestration Platform, the first solution to combine unified network management with a flexible software framework for workflow automation.
Also, on Wednesday, November 19 at 3:35 p.m., Prabhu Ramachandran is participating in a panel discussion titled “Simplifying and Accelerating SLA-Assured Ethernet with Automation and NFV.”

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WebNMS Orchestrates Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services

At MEF GEN14, WebNMS is highlighting automation solutions for MEF-defined Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services. The orchestration solution unifies management and enhances key network and service orchestration capabilities within an SDN-ready platform. Key capabilities shown include:

  • Unified network management: WebNMS unifies multi-vendor network management across all functions and layers necessary for end-to-end automation.
  • Enhanced fidelity of performance monitoring: WebNMS orchestration provides granular and accurate performance data from the network, giving both operators and customers trusted insight they need to manage their services.
  • Operator portals with intuitive 3D views and dashboards: WebNMS orchestration gives network operators highly customizable displays for all aspects of their work flows, including monitoring, troubleshooting and customer support.
  • Re-brandable customer portals: Showcasing a new mobile app at the conference, WebNMS supports customer portals that allow customers to not only monitor their services, but to try the new experience of dynamically requesting services and upgrades.

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For more information about WebNMS, please visit www.webnms.com.

About MEF Gen14

MEF GEN14 is the global gathering of the Carrier Ethernet (CE) community defining the future of network-enabled cloud, data, and mobile services powered by the convergence of CE 2.0, software defined networking (SDN), and virtualization technologies.

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WebNMS, the telecom software division of Zoho Corporation, specializes in platforms for network management, element management, service orchestration and workflow orchestration. WebNMS builds these solutions on flexible, extensible frameworks for network service providers, managed service providers and network solution vendors. With more than 25,000 deployments across the globe, the flagship WebNMS Framework is the most preferred and reliable multi-vendor management solution in the market today. For more information about WebNMS, please visit https://www.webnms.com/.

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