WebNMS M2M Application Platform

WebNMS M2M Platform provides cloud-based data integration and application development environment for rapidly building and implementing M2M applications for managing millions of connected devices in real-time. WebNMS M2M Platform supports businesses to accelerate market entry into M2M deployments and also self-manage the connected devices.

Enterprises can build M2M applications across the value-chain that suit highly-specialized needs and dramatically increase the delivery time and lower the cost of application development. With more than 400 OEM customers, 15 years of market presence and 25,000 deployments worldwide. WebNMS M2M application development platform enables RTU vendors, application developers, telecom operators, MSOs to develop innovative M2M solutions very quickly rather than spending time in reconstructing the core infrastructure.

REST based open APIs facilitates to build wide range of M2M applications ranging from remote monitoring and control, security ,energy management solutions, fleet management, healthcare applications etc. with minimal time and effort.

Custom protocol enables to configure RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) with any devices and sensors. The device connectivity interacts with the devices in standard protocols like RS 232/485, MODBUS, Smart-Bus, Zigbee, wifi etc to fetch data. These events from tens of thousands of devices are processed and the raw data are converted into valuable business information, which is communicates with operators by triggering an alarm/notification. Thus the raw-data from passive assets are translated into meaningful information for making proactive decisions, automated actions, and strategic analytics.

WebNMS platform’s native N-tier deployment architecture allows massive scalability on both the client side and the network side. The platform has a System Management Portal (SMP) that monitors the health and performance of the framework and is responsible for functional FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security). FCAPS functional modules yield a high degree of customization with minimal coding.

The strength of WebNMS is the open APIs that enables the service providers to expose APIs and allow data to be shared between applications. Open API, provides applications with a rich framework of core network capabilities upon which services are built while encapsulating the underlying communication protocol

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