Intelligent Monitoring & Control System

For Power Distribution Networks

  • WebNMS offers an out-of-box solution to tackle the challenges of massive power grid infrastructure. WebNMS Power Grid Monitoring solution is a reliable intelligent solution to monitor complex electrical grids in real time.
  • The data acquired by a series of sensors and Remote Terminal Units(RTU) on various parameters (voltage, switch status, current etc., ) enables the operators to make informed decisions.WebNMS Power Grid Monitoring solution detects grid failures in distribution networks accurately and reduces downtime.
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 Grid Security and Surveillance

Precisely identify faulty feeder segment and re-route to healthy feeders remotely to substantially reduce the blackout area. Capture interconnected line losses, overloading, and electricity theft.

 Grid Monitoring

Gather real time information on overall performance of base station and health status of the feeders and other devices for efficient power distribution.

 Energy Dashboard

Visually analyze overall energy usage pattern, critical alerts, and failures. Track key performance indicators.

 Integration with Maps

Integration with Google Maps enables you to locate the power leakage/trips accurately and thus saves time and effort in reckoning the pain point.