Building TL1 Agents




The TL1 protocol is the backbone of network management in the telecommunications domain. Although TL1 is simple and easy to use, complex application development becomes very difficult. The WebNMS Agent Toolkit Java Edition provides intuitive and innovative tools for rapid development of robust TL1 agents with much ease.


The Agent Toolkit uses the concept of XML driven TCS files (TL1 Command Set file), which defines the management information for the TL1 Agent. The TCS file is the equivalent of the MIB in an SNMP Agent.


Steps to build TL1 Agents


Following are the steps to build TL1 Agents using the WebNMS Agent Toolkit:

  1. Create a TL1 Command Set (TCS) file using TL1MessageBuilder.

  2. Create the Data Set (dat) file corresponding to the TCS file using TL1MessageBuilder.

  3. Generate Code for the TCS file using TL1 Compiler

  4. Compile the Code using TL1 Compiler

  5. Test the TL1 agent using TL1 Browser

The guide also explains the features implemented by the TL1 agent apart from building the agent using the tools. The FAQ section provides solution to the queries related to TLI agent and its features. The user can refer to the Troubleshooting manual to know how to encounter any error or problem while working with the TL1 agent. The Tutorial demonstrates the complete implementation of the TL1 agent with other applications.



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