OverviewAgent Toolkit Java Edition

The  WebNMS  Agent Toolkit Java Edition   is  a  rapid  prototyping and development tool used for building agents based on Java Management Extensions -  JMX framework with multi-protocol access to common management instrumentation, including SNMP, HTML,  RMI,  HTTP,  CORBA  and TL1.  In  addition to supporting multi-protocol access, it supports building cross platform Java based standalone SNMP and TL1 agents.
WebNMS Agent Toolkit Java Edition API
Snmp Agent This consists of WebNMS low-level SNMP agent API and Java Beans components that can be imported into any Java Bean Builder
Snmp MIBs This provides all the Management Information Base (MIB) handling support in developing agent  i.e helping in code generation.
JMX API This consists of WebNMS implementation for JMX specification final release, 1.0. 
JMX Adaptors This consists of WebNMS implementation of JMX adaptors for HTTP, SNMP, RMI, CORBA (IIOP), HTML and TL1 protocols.
JMX Clients This consists of JMX server, client API for RMI, Http and CORBA (IIOP) protocols.
JMX Services This consists of additional services provided for JMX agent.
TL1 Agent This consists of TL1 Agent related classes.

WebNMS Agent Toolkit Java Edition 6
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