WebNMS SNMP Agent Toolkit Java

WebNMS SNMP Agent Toolkit Java Edition unleashes the power of network management through industry-acclaimed standard management technologies like SNMP and JMX.. Based on the technology needs, SNMP Agent Toolkit enables rapid building and prototyping of SNMP agents and Multi-protocol agents.

The SNMP Agent Toolkit delivers a Java framework that provides standard-compliant management of devices and applications.

The product caters to the needs of developers by offering a broad range of comprehensive development tools, framework, and APIs to be used across many operating systems. Armed with these features, you just require to instrument the agent framework that renders effective management to large, complex applications and systems of the network.

  • SNMP Agent
  • Standalone SNMP agent for network management
  • Java Micro Edition SNMP Agent (J2ME)
  • J2ME SNMP agent to address devices with less memory and limited resource requirement
  • Multi-Protocol Agent
  • Multi-Protocol access providing "Instrument Once to Access through Any Protocol" for network management

The SNMP Agent Toolkit has been designed to address the needs of OEMs, enterprises, middleware ISVs and service providers to enable management of systems and applications.

Product Highlights

  • Open Standards: As it is built on standard technologies, such as SNMP, HTML, RMI, CORBA, JMX, Java Beans, XML, JFC, JDBC, etc. it provides better and faster solutions at a lower cost of development than before.
    Cross-Platform:  As a pure Java product, SNMP Agent Toolkit Java Edition supports Solaris, Windows NT/2000, Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, and any operating system that supports Java.on server components always resides within the BE server JVM
    Development and Test Tools: Provides comprehensive set of easy-to-use command line and UI-based agent development tools, such as editors, compilers, and browsers for easy and fast development and testing of agents. Thus, the toolkit encompasses the complete user experience - tools to Define, Develop, Compile, Run & Test.