Managing Windmills is Tricky Business
Just like wind turbines need maximum, uninterrupted wind to function optimally, the major
business challenge in running wind farms lies in - generating maximum energy
at an optimal cost to make it a viable energy production platform.
Remote locations

Wind turbines are large and immense pieces of equipment. The largest wind turbines have blades that are 415 feet long and weigh 25.5 tons.

Their sheer size and remote locations pose unique challenges for routine maintenance and triggers a need for regular on-site inspection and preventative maintenance to sustain long-term returns.

Unanticipated damage

Storms and other natural events can lead to gusting wind, which can cause unanticipated component damage in wind turbines such as cracks and damage between layers of composite materials on the surface of the blades. Without regular maintenance, the cracks can widen and deepen, causing the blades to become imbalanced, placing more stress on the gearbox and other components. Large gears in traditional gearboxes can become misaligned due to the uneven loads that are generated by damaged blades. Hence, wind turbines require a great degree of maintenance to ensure a safe, cost effective and reliable power output.

Multiple Challenges
Maintenance and repair

Wind power’s unique features—including large turbines and remote locations where wind farms are built—both contribute to its success and pose challenges for maintenance and repair.

Maintenance cost

Unscheduled maintenance visits can account for more than 70% of the total wind turbine maintenance costs whereas preventive visits can bring that down to 20%.

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring of wind turbines becomes an essential part of the maintenance strategy to minimize unplanned downtime.

A solution to manage wind farms would have to take into account the above aspects, while providing a user-friendly UI and centralized control. Read on to find out more about the ideal solution to all these woes - WebNMS Windmill Manager.