Get Onboard with The Windmill Manager Solution

In order to reduce costly wind turbine component failures, wind park owners and operators need to monitor each turbine and all of its subsystems. They must also have a high level view of the entire wind park. Apart from having the power to coordinate each turbine and know which are operating at capacity and which require attention. They need to be capable of collecting, coordinating, and visualizing turbine and total park performance data. Hence, the best way out of these business and operational dilemma is to partner with a service organization that has wind turbine-specific engineering, repair and maintenance expertise.

The WebNMS Windmill Manager is a next-generation technology for wind park owners and operators that helps them to measure, monitor and control turbines in real-time without field visits. It provides centralized remote monitoring and diagnostics services for turbines in order to achieve the best production and the lowest maintenance cost.

Remote Monitoring

  • The WebNMS solution helps in monitoring every aspect of the turbine operation remotely.
  • The web-based interface helps operators to access wind farms from any location, any time.

Fault Management

  • It helps to continuously monitor and measure the temperatures and production of wind turbines and discover potential problems before they become large failures.
  • It also tracks wind turbine status and detects abnormalities by monitoring various components like water cooler, generator, blades, sensors, gear box, hub controller, and so on.

Performance Monitoring and Maintenance

Cluster of sensors like accelerometers, encoders, temperature sensors, lubricant-consistency sensors, and humidity sensors mounted on the wind turbine gather data and prevent potential damage to the wind turbine components.

Accelerometer monitors the vibration from gear box, generator, blades, and tower, and prevents damage.

Temperature sensor detects the temperature of generator and gear box to ensure that the equipment’s are maintained at an optimum temperature.

Encoder mounted on the generator’s main bearing monitors the rotating speed of the turbine.

  • The data fetched from the sensors are converged to compute the wind speed, wind direction, and temperature.
  • This data also enables prediction of the potential usable energy that can be generated based on the relationship between wind velocity, rotor speed, and blade angles.

Trend Analysis and Reports

  • The WebNMS Big Data module has historical data reporting capabilities which allows operators to monitor the current temperature of a bearing and allows them to track the bearing temperature -- over the past day or even a month.
  • Enabling the operator to track the performance of a part over a longer period of time allows the company to prioritize when maintenance is done on a particular turbine in order to avoid an alarm state that could shut the turbine down.
  • Plus, detailed reports on the turbine functioning, asset performance, alarm status, and other functions generated, help operators take corrective action when the wind mills are not in the energy-generating mode and have the turbines fully available during other times to generate electricity.

Condition-Based Maintenance

  • The WebNMS solution includes a module that allows operators to use a fully condition-based, proactive maintenance strategy.
  • It helps to monitor the conditions of turbine components constantly which include recording vibration, lubricant consistency and other similar factors for early detection of damage to avert turbine damage and reduce cost of maintenance due to breakdown.
  • The solution offers the operator with real-time information remotely regarding the condition of selected sub-systems and components. This helps in avoiding more problems and minimizing downtime and repairs – proactively increasing return on investment.

Easy Integration

  • Its open API supports wide range of communication protocols.
  • This enables easy integration of the wind farm with all the other renewable assets in the operator’s portfolio.
Smart Benefits to Operators and Wind Park Owners