Significance of IoT in power grid

Since 1881, the overall power grid system has been built up over more than 13 decades, meeting the ever increasing demand for energy. Power grids are now been considered to be one of the vital components of infrastructure on which the modern society depends. It is essential to provide uninterrupted power without outages or losses. It is quiet hard to digest the fact that power generated is not equal to the power consumed at the end point due to various losses. It is even harder to imagine the after effects without power for a minute. Power outages occur as result of short circuits. This is a costly event as it influences the industrial production, commercial activities and consumer lifestyle.

Government & independent power providers are continuously exploring solutions to ensure good power quality, maximize grid uptime, reduce power consumption, increase the efficiency of grid operations and eradicate outages, power loss & theft. Most importantly, the solution should provide a real-time visibility to customers on every penny paid for their energy. There is an increasing need of a centralized management solution for more reliable, scalable, and manageable operations while also being cost effective, secure, and interoperable. In addition, the solution should enable power providers and utilities to perform effective demand forecasting and energy planning to address the growing need for uninterrupted quality power.

Efficient smart grid solution

for a Sustainable World

WebNMS offers an out-of-box solution to resolve the customer challenges in managing a massive power grid infrastructure. WebNMS Power Grid Monitoring solution is an intelligent solution to monitor the complex electrical grids in real time from the point of generation to consumption. It helps in monitoring power generated, distributed and consumed; load balancing, energy metering, fault detections and sending quick alerts to improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of the grids.

WebNMS Power Grid Monitoring solution also detects grid failures or outages, short circuits, transmission line temperature, distributed transformer parameters and substation operations. It measures the energy parameters and reduces downtime drastically thereby providing uninterrupted power supply to operations that demands 24*7*365 electricity.

"Utilities can now have a track of the power transmitted, distributed & consumed. Our solution provides consumers with a vivid picture on every volt being used. Utilities and independent power providers can drastically reduce OPEX by ~(30-40%), cut cost associated with maintenance and manpower by our real-time fault monitoring capability. You can improve the day-to-day grid effectiveness and capacity planning using our detailed reporting & intelligence."

We address your grid complications

We understand the need for an efficient, high quality and safe power solution. WebNMS Smart grid solution addresses all the critical challenges that cause electricity grid inefficiencies.

  • Huge energy losses

    Technical & commercial losses due to energy dissipation in the equipments used for transmission and distribution of power.

  • Grueling fault detection

    Determination of faults (What, where and when) needs a lot of effort and time which results in power failures for a longer span.

  • Inaccurate energy metering

    Poor metering infrastructure by the utilities results in poor energy accounting, demand forecasting and lack of visibility.

  • Lack of visibility

    Consumers have meagre visibility to their energy usage, pricing of every volt throughout the day and other energy parameters that leads to poor energy planning.

  • Manual intervention

    Detecting the flaws manually is time consuming and needs a lot of human effort. This results in increased downtime and high man power cost.

  • Maintenance & repairs

    Aging infrastructure, reactive monitoring and poor fault detection leads to higher maintenance and OPEX.

Grab the control of your power in a smarter way

WebNMS Power grid monitoring solution, with its comprehensive capabilities, can detect faults and monitor the complex electrical grids in real time from the point of generation to consumption. Our solution enables to conserve enormous energy and provide huge value to your customers in terms of cost-cutting and grid efficiency.

Reduction in OPEX by 30%

Leverage the power of IoT with a convergence of Sensors,
Gateway and the WebNMS platform.

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