Product Brief
Case Study

intelligence for an
efficient illumination

WebNMS IoT platform is at forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT), provisioned with multifarious capabilities like energy management, remote asset monitoring, environmental monitoring and asset tracking, which can be scaled to innumerable real-time IoT applications. The smart lighting solution is a ready-to-deploy point solution derived from this best in class platform. It enables you to control the entire outdoor or indoor lighting system in one console.

From street & highway to sports & arena, from building facades to basement parking, you can now control the lighting operations from anywhere across the world. Our groundbreaking remote switching, monitoring and control provides financial benefits in terms of energy savings and proven ROI, whether you are retrofitting our solution to existing luminary fixtures or integrate any futuristic lighting technologies.

"You can now save enormous energy as much as (~35%) and reduce carbon footprints by using need-based optimum lighting and by accurately measuring every watt used. You can drastically cut the manpower cost by ~75% & maintenance costby ~20% with real-time fault monitoring capability and by using detailed reporting to improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning. With our groundbreaking smart lighting solution you can achieve the ROI within 18 months."`

We address your lighting inefficiencies

We understand your need for an energy-efficient, safe and accessible lighting solution. WebNMS Smart lighting solution addresses all the critical challenges that cause lighting problems.

  • Mammoth
    Energy Bills
  • Lack
    of visibility
  • Maintenance
    & Repair
  • Manual
  • CO2
  • Life time of luminaries

Our solution would be a best fit across any sectors

Architects, Builders & property

  • Building facades
  • Indoor lightings
  • Periphery / campus lighting
  • Industrial / Mines lighting
  • Pathway Lights
  • Warehouse / Parking Lot

Utilities, Government bodies &
smart city service providers

  • Street lights / roadways
  • Parks / Sanctuaries
  • Stadiums / arenas
  • Townships / gated communities
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Hazardous locations

Smarter solution for a brighter future

WebNMS Smart lighting solution, with its comprehensive capabilities, can detect dusk and dawn, conserve energy and provide huge value to your customers in terms of cost-cutting and operating efficiency. Our sophisticated solution continuously monitors the operation of luminaries (Indoor & outdoor) by a centralized monitoring system, which helps in reducing the energy consumption, maintenance & manpower cost and increasing efficiency.

Value proposition
we deliver

  • Demand-driven lighting
  • Reduced electricity expenses and OPEX
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Vendor-neutrality
  • Enhance customer engagement

Reduction in Energy Consumption upto 35%

Leverage the power of IoT with a convergence of Sensors,
Gateway and the WebNMS platform.

Related Sensors

  • Energy Meter
  • |
  • Dimmer
  • |
  • Luminosity Sensor

WebNMS SMART LIGHTING delivers on its
promise of "Smart" with tangible result and ROI.

  • ROI
    in 18 months
  • Efficiency
    increased by 30%
  • Life time of luminary
    increased by 15%
  • Better