Urban Mobility

Travel made simple. Hassle free

Smart city is a derivative of efficient use of technology and resources that promotes energy, time cost and efficiency. Major cities across the globe are looking to cut out on traffic congestion, alleviate modern transportation hassles and offer superior services. This could be achieved through simple people friendly applications built using IoT platform.

WebNMS harbors several capabilities like energy management, including remote asset management, mobile and stationary. This feature lets the user track vehicles on the move from a centralized location, geo - tag, geo- fence, asses vehicle performance from a remote end, control speed limits, poll moving asset data periodically and monitor and control storage conditions of assets shipped across destinations.

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Power and Utilities

Optimize energy expenditure. Minimize losses. Benefit multiple folds.

A city can never deem to be smart unless it find ways to conserve existing resources, deploy systems to optimize utilization and secure the future. It takes right technology and processes to attain that level of sustainability.

With its fierce, scalable platform, WebNMS supports applications pertaining to energy Monitoring and Management. Some of the smart city applications built around the energy management feature are: smart street lighting, smart energy metering for homes and commercial establishments, energy efficient HVAC for buildings and distribution line monitoring. WebNMS facilitates continuous monitoring, periodic reporting, remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance of energy consuming cost centers, thus promoting energy efficient cities across the globe.


Smart Environment

Think intelligent toilets, parks, theatres and whole lot of places accessible to the public. Think IoT!

Yes! Crafting cities that spell elegance, convenience, practicality and safety is not mythical anymore. Bring out the best in your city with enormous people friendly services powered by seamless IoT applications.

WebNMS' IoT platform, WebNMS renders 'n' number of possibilities when it comes to building applications for future cities. Powered with APIs crafted for energy management, remote site monitoring and tracking capabilities, WebNMS IoT proves to be the one stop solution for all applications crafted for enhancing the city environment. With its energy efficient and cost effective features you can churn out environment friendly cell towers, cost effective ATM vestibules and safer buildings.

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City Governance

Pleasant ambience. Secure neighborhood. Happier lives.

Visualize cities with eco-friendly landscape, pollution free air to breathe, cleaner neighborhoods and safer locality. With IoT based applications, it is much easier to weave cities that breed healthier and happier lives.

Being a developer friendly and highly compatible platform makes WebNMS IoT the apt choice for building applications that benefit citizens at large. Be it smart apps for health tracking or apps to track electric supply deviance, the platform simplifies city governance providing convenience to its citizens and the government.

Benefits of IoT in Smart Cities